Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Parallels Desktop 7 makes Windows-on-Mac fast, stable

Parallels 7 is a fast, stable, and highly customizable way to virtually run Windows on a Mac.

Mac OS X Lion Server

The ninth major release of Apple’s server operating system is as big a change as the change from OS X Server 1.0 to OS X Server 10.0. In many ways, Mac OS X Lion Server (version 10.7) succeeds, but it is hampered by UI annoyances and inconsistencies that will probably be fixed in future updates. But right now, using Lion Server is a tad more maddening than it should be.

Shade Control 1.1

Bare-bones $3 Mac application for quickly switching between two screen-brightness settings.

Captur 2.2

Captur is a lightweight menu-bar applet that makes taking screenshots easy. It's a handy application for anyone seeking an simpler way to take screenshots on their Mac.

Lab Report: Huge speed gains for new Mac mini

Macworld Lab has received both models of the new Mac mini unveiled on Wednesday. The new Mac mini comes with Lion and new Core i5 processors, and our benchmark results show a great leap in processor performance from the previous generation.

iChat improves, but seems out of place

The new version of OS X also includes an update to the operating system's built-in chat client. Lion's implementation may be the best version of iChat yet, but Lex Friedman thinks there are still shortcomings when compared to third-party instant messengers.

iCal 5 gets a Lion makeover

iCal, Apple’s built-in calendar application, sees some big changes in Lion. Many of the visual tweaks are borrowed from the Calendar iOS app on the iPad, with a focus on giving you making appointments easier to view, and in some cases giving you more room in which to view them. As a whole, iCal 5 is a worthy evolutionary step.

Lion: The Complete Macworld Review

Combine the influx of new Mac users with Apple's development of iOS, and you get Lion, the most significant upgrade to OS X since its debut more than ten years ago. Can one OS please both Mac vets and novices? Jason Snell has the review.

Tags 2.0.2

Tags allows you to associate keywords to anything and everything on your Mac.

Übermask 1.1

Übermask allows users to hide files or folders from view by rendering them invisible to Finder, Spotlight and even popular add-on utilities like Quicksilver and Alfred.

DwellClick 2.0

DwellClick allows you to navigate your Mac with your mouse without clicking. It works surprisingly well.

Launcher 1.2

Nulana's Launcher provides quick and easy access to applications, folders, files, Web searches, system commands (like going into Screen Saver mode), and shell commands.

DTerm 1.5

If you frequently use Terminal, check out DTerm, a nifty utility that provides instant access to a Terminal-like shell interface from within whatever application you're currently using.