Don't-Miss OS X Stories

DeskCover makes icons easier to see

DeskCover is a free program that adds a customizable background behind the icons on your desktop.

Click Archive: An easier way to work with disk images

If you’d prefer a simpler way to work with disk images, Click Archive is one such solution.

Add an OS 9-like app menu to OS X with ASM or multiXFinder

If you who miss the OS 8/9-style application menu, two programs, ASM and multiXFinder, aim to fill the void.

Application Wizard makes program switching easy

Application Wizard--which operates as an OS X System Preferences pane--displays four colored buttons on a small panel you can drag to any position along any screen edge; you can even set the panel to slide out when needed, much like the Dock’s auto-hide mode.

VirtualBox 2.1.4

An updated review of VirtualBox, based on two new features introduced in version 2.1.

Review: Sun VirtualBox 2.0.6

As far as virtual machine software goes, VirtualBox is a viable alternative to both Fusion and Parallels for running other operating systems on your Intel Mac. Rob Griffiths found VirtualBox more than capable of handling routine computing tasks in both Windows and Linux.

Review: Parallels 4 build 3540

Parallels 4 offers a number of new features that some users may find compelling. However, it has rough edges that make the software feel as though it was rushed out the door without sufficient testing.

Review: VMware Fusion 2.0.1

VMware Fusion 2.0 lets you run Windows and other operating systems within the Mac OS X on an Intel-powered Macs. The new Fusion has bug fixes and many new features designed to make running alternative operating systems on your Mac as easy as possible.

SoundSource 2.0

This simple utility adds a menu-bar item that lists all available Input, Output, and System audio options.

Name Mangler 2.0

If you’ve got a bunch of files that need renaming, Name Mangler is a great tool to use.

Warp 1.1

Warp 1.1 is a free system utility for Leopard. It adds more functionality to Spaces.

TimeMachineEditor 1.3

If you’ve ever wanted to change Time Machine’s schedule, Time Software's TimeMachineEditor lets you do just that. You can tweak the interval so that Time Machine backs up every, say, four hours, or you can choose to have Time Machine back up once a day, once a week, or once a month.

SuperDocker 2.2.0

If you don’t like Leopard’s 3-D dock, SuperDocker offers a number of variations that you can implement with a few mouse clicks.