Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Review: Safari 3.1

The just-released 3.1 update to Safari adds features that offer a glimpse into the Web of the future. And as Web designers begin to add support for these elements, Safari will become progressively more useful and functional for typical users.

Review: Mail 3.2 e-mail software

The new features in Apple's Mail shows that the Cupertino-based company is serious about e-mail. With its ability to manage to-dos, calendar items, and RSS feeds, Mail 3.2 is a much more robust program—and best of all, it comes with Mac OS X.

Review: Time Capsule Wi-Fi base station

Thanks to a timely software update, Apple's Time Capsule is an easy-to-use backup appliance that provides speedy wireless network access while keeping your data safe.

ScreenFlow 1.0.2

ScreenFlow captures on-screen audio and video, and presents it in an onscreen editor that will remind you of Final Cut or iMovie HD.

HoudahSpot 2.0.8

HoudahSpot 2 helps you make the power of Leopard's improved Spotlight engine even more accessible and more useful.

Safari 3.0.4

The latest version of Apple's Web browser builds upon a solid foundation with powerful new features to handle complex Web content.

Review: Mac OS X 10.5 Server

If you don’t already have a directory service or dedicated servers, and are just now thinking about implementing such things for the first time, Mac OS X 10.5 Server is a compelling product; just keep in mind that some of its services don’t work as well as they should in a heterogeneous environment.

Review: Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard is a sweeping update with so many new features that it's hard to keep them all in perspective. What is clear, however, is that it's a solid upgrade.

Mail 2.0

Mail 2 is free. If you have Tiger, you’ve already got it and I recommend you give it a try. If you’re using one of Mail’s commercial competitors like Eudora, Entourage, Mailsmith, PowerMail, or Gyaz Mail, you may not be persuaded to switch.