Don't-Miss iPhone Case Stories

X-Doria's Defense 360 for the iPhone 4/4S is lightweight, but unreliable

Though the thinness and design of the X-Doria Defense 360 are impressive, the case’s construction doesn’t hold up to everyday use.

Speck's FabShell cases wrap your iPhone 4/4S in bright fabric

The FabShell combines rubber and fabric to create bright iPhone cases that hold up to the elements.

Create your own patterns with the Incipio Dotties case

Dress up the Incipio Dotties case by arranging the punch-out dots in the pattern of your choosing.

Tru Protection's Heather Brown Collection of iPhone 4/4S cases focuses on Hawaiian art, not protection

The Heather Brown collection features three colorful case designs by artist Heather Brown, but apart from style and slimness, they don’t offer much else.

Incase's Pro Slider Case is protective, but ordinary

Incase's Pro Slider case has an easy-to-remove bottom portion that provides ample room for your iPhone 4/4S to fit in any dock-cradle accessory.

Extreme Grid case for iPhone 4 and 4S offers serious protection

The Extreme Grid case for the iPhone 4 and 4S combines ease of use with serious protection.

KEE's Slider may have some great color combinations, but has major design flaws

The KEE Slider has two interchangeable pieces that snap together, but it scratches easily and covers your iPhone’s dock-connector port.

PowerShadow i4 Battery Case & Charge/Sync Dock for iPhone 4/4S

The i4 case is fairly typical, save for one clever innovation: an included base for charging your phone (and the case) without plugging an another cable.

Review: Maca 2200 and Maca Air battery cases for iPhone 4 and 4S

The Maca 2200 and Maca Air are slim, shiny iPhone 4 and 4S battery cases worth your consideration.

The Incipio Stowaway: Another disappointing wallet iPhone case

The Incipio Stowaway's extra compartment makes a poor wallet, but a great kickstand.

The Cygnett Apollo is a basic hard-shell case with an emphasis on protection

The Apollo is a hard-shell case made from two materials: a scratch-and-fingerprint-resistant hard surface and a grooved, shock-absorbent interior.

The Camalen Hexa is a good-looking leather kickstand case

While the Camalen Hexa is a handsome addition to your iPhone 4/4S, its kickstand design makes it a little awkward to use.

Sena's Creativo iPhone pouch has a handy cutout for answering calls

This unusual leather pouch won’t be for everyone, but if you're looking for a slim, attractive sleeve that lets you quickly answer a call without removing the case, then check out this offering from Sena.