Don't-Miss Security Stories

My Eyes Only for iPhone

When it comes to storing data for credit cards, memberships, social security cards, and other IDs in one place, My Eyes Only does a secure, reliable job. But the app's interface is weak, and it could stand some more customization capabilities.

Together 2.2

Together makes a fine home for all your digital bits and pieces.

SpamX 4.0

While SpamX remains unparalleled at reporting spammers to their ISPs, and offers a very effective spam filtering solution, all of the problems we noted with version 3 remain with version 4.

Data Locker Pro AES

Data Locker ensures that your data remains secure from hackers and unwanted intrusions, though you’ll have to make some compromises.

Spector Pro mac 2009

Spector Pro mac 2009 is a powerful keylogging tool with the additional capability of giving you a visual representation of everything that is being done on a monitored computer at any point in time.

eBlaster 2009

Key-logging software like eBlaster can secretly record all the keystrokes on one computer and surreptitiously send those keystrokes via e-mail to another. eBlaster works, and works quite well.

GlimmerBlocker blocks Web ads

GlimmerBlocker is an ad blocker that is safe to install because it doesn’t hack Safari.

PicVault for iPhone

John Moffett’s app is a compelling blend of privacy and functionality for keeping your mobile photos under lock and key.

Password Generator 2.0 for iPhone

This clever utility simplifies the task of creating difficult-to-crack passwords for you by randomly spawning strings of passcodes based on variables of your choosing.

Shimo 2.0.9

For those who spend time connected to VPNs, Shimo 2 is a flexible and easy-to-use replacement for other VPN clients.

Zegari Minimalist

The Minimalist is a well-designed, well-made laptop bag with lots of style; whether or not you like that style is bound to be the issue.

Review: 1Password for iPhone

1Password is an excellent web site login and secret-keeping application on the Mac. How well does its new iPhone counterpart work?

Review: NetBarrier X5

Intego's NetBarrier X5 looks like a nice alternative to OS X's built-in firewall. But its tendency to block legitimate network traffic could make it a poor choice for home users.