Don't-Miss Servers Stories

Mac mini with Lion Server ideal for SOHO and SMB

The Mac mini server was already a great machine. The latest version, the Mac mini with Lion Server, is even better.

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server (Mid 2010)

For a small utility server or as the only server for a SOHO business, the Mac mini With Snow Leopard Server is hard to beat.

Cloud Engines Pogoplug

If you've been seeking a way to share a lot of files over the Internet with very little fuss, Cloud Engines' Pogoplug is an affordable and enticing avenue to do it.

Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4TB

Boasting a wealth of features and mirrored RAID 1 reliability, the StorCenter ix2-200 network-attached storage device brings Iomega’s signature usability to a high-end business environment.

Kerio Mail Server 6.7

Kerio Mail Serveris an e-mail, calendaring, contact, and to-do server that runs on three versions of the Mac OS.

Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server

The new $999 Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server is a fantastic product for workgroups, small businesses, and even schools to use.

Mac mini (Late 2009)

Just seven months after giving the Mac mini line its biggest update ever, Apple has bumped the performance of the company's smallest desktop computers. While the improvements are modest, the latest Mac minis address a few of our biggest criticisms of the Early 2009 models.

Review: Mac OS X 10.6 Server

With the significant price cut, new features, and improvements to existing features, Mac OS X 10.6 Server is a solid product. For an all or mostly-Mac network, this isn’t an "if" upgrade, but a "when," especially if you have iPhone users clamoring for push services.

HP MediaSmart Server LX195

HP’s MediaSmart Server LX195 is a very cleverly designed home media server, but you need Windows to get it up and running and for continued maintenance.

Promise Technology SmartStor NS4600

The upgradeable, RAID-configurable, and feature rich SmartStor NS4600 is a high-end home media server ideal for home or office settings.

LaCie d2 Network

LaCie's d2 Network is surprisingly versatile, feature rich, and an easy to understand unit you can use to store media files so that they are available to everyone on your home network.

Western Digital My Book World Edition

Users will enjoy the simplicity of the My Book World Edition. Its intuitive interface and stripped down menus make it a cinch to pick up and use as a home media server.

Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive

Home media servers like Iomega's Home Media Network Hard Drive are Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices that provide a centralized location on a network to store your videos, audios, and photos.