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App Guide: Presidents' Day apps

Get to know the men who've occupied the Oval Office the last 223 years with the help of these iOS apps.

The Cat in the Hat for iPhone and iPad

Whether on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, this iOS version of the Dr. Seuss classic takes great advantage of your device's touch interface.

BookBuddy for iPhone

In its current iteration, this app for keeping track of your book collection shows some promise, but it still feels like an incomplete work in progress.

The Monster at the End of This Book for iPad

The classic kids book makes a disappointing debut on the iPad, thanks to design flaws, sync issues, and all-too-frequent crashes.

Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book for iPhone

In Mickey’s Spooky Night Puzzle Book, younger kids can tap through a mildly creepy story. The book also features a couple activities to keep them busy along the way.

3D Bookshelf for iPhone

This iPhone e-reader pulls of its titular three-dimensional look successfully. But it tries a little bit too hard, and, as a result, doesn't measure up to other mobile reading apps.

Audible for iPhone

At this point, this audibook app from is more fun than it is useful. Die-hard lovers of audiobooks might want to wait for future versions before downloading the app; right now it's a work in progress.

eBooks by Kobo for iPhone and iPad

This hybrid iPad-iPhone offering adds to the number of e-book readers in the App Store. It's a little slow at turning pages and doesn't do much to distinguish itself from the other offerings out there, but if you're dissatisfied with other e-book reader apps, eBooks by Kobo is certainly worth a trial run -- particularly if you use multiple iOS devices to read.

BN eReader for iPad

On the whole, this iPad-based e-reader performs adequately. But it doesn't measure up to other offerings on the App Store -- notably Amazon's Kindle app or iBooks from Apple.

Stanza for iPhone and iPad

Now available as a native app on the iPad as well as the iPhone, Stanza certainly differs from other e-readers out there -- most notably Kindle and iBooks. While the app has some minor flaws, it still offers a pleasant reading experience.

iBooks for iPhone and iPad

Apple's e-reader feels impressively like the future while simultaneously feeling a lot like an actual book. While Amazon offers a better selection, if the book you're after is available for iBooks at a good price, the app provides an immersive and thoroughly pleasant reading experience, particularly on the iPad.

Dr. Seuss's ABC for iPhone and iPad

The classic board book for small children arrives on Apple's mobile devices in spectacular fashion, with the hybrid app taking particular advantage of the iPad's larger screen.

Kindle for iPhone and iPad

Amazon has updated its e-reader app to work on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch. The new hybrid version makes great use of the larger screen real estate, making this a fine choice for a mobile e-reader.