Don't-Miss Development software Stories

Mac Gems: TextWrangler 4.5 is a free text editor that belongs on your Mac

When those big text-manipulation jobs land on your desk, you should reach for Bare Bone Software’s free TextWrangler, which makes short work of tall orders.

Review: Kaleidoscope 2 brings state-of-the-art file comparison to OS X

Aimed squarely at a technical crowd of developers and designers, Black Pixel's file-comparison app comes with great features and easy integration into existing workflows.

Diet Coda for iPad

If you work on websites and want the ability to update them from your iPad, there’s no app better suited to that purpose than Panic's mobile code editor.

Coda 2 dramatically improves an already very good code editor

Coda 2 adds a slew of powerful features, many of which felt like they were missing from its predecessor. While the original Coda was simply good, Coda 2 is great.

Bare Bones Software BBEdit 10.1 is a robust and full-featured text editor

New users will find plenty to like in the new BBEdit 10.1 text editor, especially users who are outside of BBEdit’s core constituency of programmers. . But if you’re a codehead, you get better ways to work with your code. Everybody wins.

QuickCursor 2.0

QuickCursor lets you use your favorite text editor "within" any other program.

Flash Builder 4

Flash Builder, a new member of the Creative Suite family, is a tool for building complex and powerful applications for both Web and stand-alone platforms. It meshes smoothly with interface prototypes created by designers in Flash Catalyst CS5. Here's our complete review.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard for iPhone

If creating custom postcards anytime sounds like fun, give this app a try, as it combines great software design with stunning imagery.

Review: BBEdit 9.02

Additions to the venerable text editor will thrill long-time users, but hard-core HTML coders could still find some things lacking.

SPSS 16.0

With version 16, SPSS has leveled the playing field across all platforms, and the program’s Java implementation should allow the Macintosh version to keep up in the future, rather than lagging as it has in the past. It is a significant upgrade that will be warmly welcomed by Macintosh data-mavens everywhere.

Ulysses 1.5

Ulysses 1.5 may seem surprising to those writers who are used to working with full-featured word processors, tools designed as much for layout as for writing. The best way to look at this program is through the eyes of creative writers and journalists.

BBEdit 8.5

If you use version 8.0 to 8.2 of BBEdit, the $30 upgrade to 8.5 is well worth it. If you’ve got an older version, it may be the best $40 you’ll spend on software.

Script Debugger 4.0

Late Night Software seems to have taken every opportunity to condense and simplify Script Debugger’s interface, while providing easier access to powerful tools and better debugging information. If you’re serious about scripting, buy it.