Don't-Miss Education software Stories Family Tree Maker for Mac helps track ancestors

If having access to Ancestry is in your plans Family Tree Maker for Mac is definitely the offline/online program for you. When it’s caught up with the Windows version it should prove invaluable.

Shake-A-Phrase for iPhone and iPad

There's nothing really wrong with the vocabulary app, but there's no feature to really recommend it either.

Geo Walk for iPhone and iPad

Either the iPhone or iPad version of this visual fact book for kids offers an appealing interface and fun, easy to use content. But it would be nice if Geo Walk contained more of that content.

App Guide: Top-rated iPad alphabet apps

We rank our favorite apps for helping your kids learn their A-B-Cs.

Safari Animals HD for iPad

This kid-centric app uses full-screen animal photos to help teach kids the alphabet. It's appealing for youngsters, but it comes up short when compared to other ABC apps due to some limited controls.

MathBoard for iPad

This app for drilling students on math is charming without losing track of its fundamental purpose.

Relationship 2.1.1

Client relationship management tool offers options for organizing project data, but lacks true CRM features.

iPad alphabet apps

We look at three iOS App Store offerings that take very different approaches to using the iPad to help kids master their ABCs.

TinyTube for iPhone and iPad

This app looks to let parents control what their kids can watch on YouTube. But the app is overly simplistic and takes an approach that won't appeal to many users.

Ruckus Media Group children's books for iPhone and iPad

Ruckus Media Group has published iPad versions of five children's books featuring the talents of well-known actors and musicians.

Build A Word for iPhone

This colorful kids game will entertain and educate your kids, though it suffers from a limited vocabulary.

Start Spanish and Spanish Vocabulary for iPhone

Brendan Wilhide looks at two offerings from Mobilinga that offer to teach you Spanish from the comfort of your iPhone. Both Start Spanish and Spanish Vocabulary are solid offerings that work better as complements to other teaching tools.

Earth Addresser 2.4

Earth Addresser is a fun little program that works with Google Earth and the Mac’s Address Book. It takes your contacts and maps them out on the Google Earth globe.