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Numberlys and The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore for iOS

Moonbot Studios builds iOS apps that draw on elements of books, movies, and games for a unique interactive experience that represents the best of what the iOS platform has to offer.

Dr. Seuss Band for iPhone and iPad

Dr. Seuss Band is clearly inspired by the famed author, but the connection is tenuous at best. The Rock Band-style gameplay isn't that fun, but just goofing off with the multi-faceted instrument kind of is.

App Guide: Apps for the Academy Awards

Now that this year's Academy Award nominees have been unveiled, use these apps to get familiar with the films, actors, and actresses up for an Oscar.

AVPlayer for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of AVPlayer let you play videos on your iOS device no matter what format they're encoded in. The app performs well and offers an extra feature or two, but transferring videos can be awkward.

App Guide: iOS money managers

Planning to take control of your finances in 2012? These iOS apps can help you stick to that resolution.

Disney Muppet Mail for iPad

Muppet Mail lets you send email greetings starring your favorite characters. Even better, it can turn your photographs into Muppet-style creatures.

The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards: Software

The Macworld staff reveals our top software picks of the year.

Crackle for iPhone and iPad

This video streaming app offers a modest selection of movies and TV shows, but what is there will certainly entertain most iPhone and iPad owners. More important, Crackle delivers this content for free, though with the occasional commercial interruption.

TV Forecast HD for iPad

A helpful app, this iPad offering lets you know when your favorite programs are on, via push a useful calendar view or push notifications.

LetterMpress for iPad

LetterMpress is an excellent app for typography lovers, creative types, and anyone interested in learning how a letterpress works. for iPhone

While not a perfect app -- there are some navigational issues to work out -- is ideal if you'd like to watch your favorite CBS and CW television programs from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Review: Comics for iPhone and iPad

Comics 3.0 is a major upgrade to this excellent comic-buying and -reading app. In fact, it makes it a little too easy to buy things.

App Guide: TV network apps

TV networks are rolling out new programs for a new season. Catch all the new shows -- and your returning favorites -- with the help of these iOS apps.