Don't-Miss Entertainment software Stories

StockWatch for iPhone and iPad

StockWatch is an excellent stock tracking application, whether you're using an iPhone or an iPad. While each version offers a distinctly different user experience because of the size of the devices, the way that StockWatch tracks and manages information is unparalleled on your iOS device.

Hulu Plus for iPhone and iPad

If you don't have a DVR, have missed a favorite program, or are simply seeking a way to view popular TV shows without paying for an expensive cable or satellite connection, Hulu Plus is an option worth considering.

Bloomberg for iPad

This information-packed app offers an immense amount of global financial news while also letting you track your investments.

Animation Creator for iPhone and iPad

Regardless of whether you're using the iPhone version of this app or the iPad edition, Animation Creator provides a great way to try your hand at putting your drawings into motion.

SketchBook Pro for iPad

The iPad is a natural for sketching and doodling, and this app is one of the most advanced painting offerings you'll find on the App Store.

Type n Talk for iPhone

This app, which repeats what you've type in a synthetic voice, is easy to use and works fine. The question is, what would you use it for?

iNapkin 2 for iPad

This iPad app for sketching out ideas and jotting down notes is certainly functional. But there are some minor user interface issues, and the app really doesn't stand out from similar offerings in the App Store.

IMDb for iPhone and iPad

If you need to know what star appeared in which movie when, this app is a must-have regardless of the iOS device you use. IMDb takes the information from its movie reference Website and formats it in a way that's suited perfectly for the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

TheaterMania for iPhone

This free app can guide you to live theater and other performances, though it seems to work best in major metropolitan areas.

STARSS and Pulse News Reader for the iPad

Its Star Trek-inspired look may impress some users, but if you're interested in reading your RSS feeds, STARSS isn't the answer. Pulse News Reader is a more compelling offering for the iPad -- at least if you don't subscribe to more than a handful of feeds.

Pageonce Bills for iPhone

If the vast majority of your bill-paying life is lived online, this well-designed app from Pageonce is ideal for keeping track of your money.

iCurrency Pad for iPhone and iPad

This hybrid app does the job of converting currency quickly and efficiently, no matter what device you use. And at $1, the price is right for this hybrid app.

Talking Carl for iPhone

Clever animations and interactivity make this app a nice diversion -- especially for kids.