Don't-Miss Entertainment software Stories

Brushes iPad Edition

The iPhone version of this painting app was outstanding, and the iPad offering lives up to its predecessor. This app is one of the most intuitive and exciting ways to paint or draw and a must-have for anyone with a creative bent.

AddLib for iPhone

Even if you have no background in graphic design, AddLib is a creative and fun way to add a new look to some of your photos.

ABC Player for iPad

This excellent app lets you watch your favorite ABC shows any time you want with limited commercial interruption. It sets a standard for other streaming video apps to live up to on the iPad.

A Camera Queen for iPhone

Some of the 24 image-editing effects in this app are decent, but others are just not very good. As a result, A Camera Queen fails to distinguish itself from other mobile image editors in the App Store.

This American Life for iPhone

Other media outlets would do well to follow the example of This American Life, which has created a superb application for the iPhone and iPod touch.

ProOnGo Expense for iPhone

This handy app offers several automated features for anyone who needs to track their expenses on the go.

Baseball scorekeeping apps for iPhone

The App Store has a number of offerings that let you keep score of baseball games from your iPhone and iPod touch. Some -- most notably, Pointstreak K-Force -- do a decent job. But even the best mobile scorekeeper is no match for a sharp pencil and a good scorebook.

MythBusters for iPhone

Whether you're obsessed with the popular Discovery Channel show or not, MythBusters is a fun addition to your iPhone or iPod touch, with video clips, social networking features, and -- most notably -- games inspired by actual experiments from the show.

Stock Genie 2 for iPhone

This app offers an interesting twist on stock selection, especially for people who want the benefit of a portfolio manager without the usual expenses. If nothing else, Stock Genie 2 offers to give you a stock market education for the price of an iPhone app.

TLC Network for iPhone

If you enjoy any of the programming on the TLC cable channel, you'll want to grab this free app, which delivers free content to your iPhone or iPod touch.