Don't-Miss Game Stories

Adventure Bar Story for iPhone

If you're thrilled by the prospect of optimizing cutlery for both the kitchen and the battlefield, this role-playing game may appeal to you. Others may be put off by its awkward control scheme and quirks.

Kinectimals for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft's virtual pet game is surprisingly engaging, with more replayability than one might expect. And it won't break the bank.

Madcoaster for iPhone and iPad

This platform game lives up to developer Chillingo's reputation for streamlined, fun, and clever mobile apps that succeed where bigger budgets and deeper concepts do not.

App Guide: Updated iOS games

Some of our favorite iOS games have gotten updates in recent weeks, adding everything from new levels to Retina display support.

Monster Wars for iPhone and iPad

While it retains much of the depth and style of of its predecessor, this sequel to Legendary Wars -- in which you now control the monsters instead of the heroes -- also struggles with a few of the same weaknesses that limit the fun gained from being wicked.

Bioshock 2 finally lands on the Mac

Fans of non-stop shoot-'em-up games might find Bioshock 2 a little bit too leisurely for their tastes, but if you like the idea of exploring a weirdly imaginative setting and storyline then Rapture will be your kind of town.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol for iPhone and iPad

Cloud Patrol is a nice addition to the Skylanders series and a welcomed change of pace from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.

App Guide: Popular animal-themed iOS games

Plenty of popular iOS games feature animals in prominent roles. And there's not one angry bird among these apps.

Triple Town for iPhone and iPad

This iPhone and iPad game cleverly blends match-three puzzles and settlement planning gameplay in an insidiously addictive package. But the in-app purchase scheme the developer uses brings the fun to a grinding halt.

Fibble for iPhone and iPad

This physics puzzler proves to be a visual delight, especially on the iPad's expanded playing surface.

Company Of Heroes Complete: Campaign Edition

The variety of troops and tactics that you can employ make Company of Heroes a thoroughly enjoyable strategy game.

Circadia for iPhone and iPad

This music-based puzzle game features a beautifully simple and intuitive interface. Fans of puzzlers with a good ear will find Circadia to be a nice way to chill out, but the fun is likely to wear off fast for players with less patience.

Windosill for iPad

It may have begun life as a Flash-based game, but the iPad version of Windosill is perfectly suited for Apple's tablet. Solving the puzzles is only half the fun in this game, which creates a distinctive-looking world that's well worth exploring.