Don't-Miss Game Stories

Review: Aliens are back for more in Anomaly 2 for Mac

Anomaly 2 is an enjoyable tower-attack game. The multiplayer mode available on the Mac and PC versions provides enough of a challenge to make it worth buying.

Review: AVP: Evolution is a letdown for Alien and Predator fans

Despite some decent graphics and some RPG trimming, AVP: Evolution manages to disappoint on nearly every level.

Review: Intense alien warfare goes mobile with XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS

Firaxis Games' latest iOS title proves that console-quality gaming is possible on mobile devices.

Review: Kingdom Rush Frontiers towers above its predecessor in every way

With more enemies, environments, and heroes, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel we've been waiting for.

Review: Star Command boldly goes where no iOS game has gone before

A great game makes you want to spend more time exploring and understanding its universe; with Star Command, I can't wait to get lost again in pixelated space.

Review: Evoland compresses three decades of video game history into one game

Evoland's central gimmick of gradually unlocking features and tropes is compelling and fun. However, the underlying game could be deeper.


Review: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing for Mac

All Star Racing isn’t a particularly difficult or challenging game so it will probably only appeal to very young players.

Review: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for iPad is just as good as the original

The core elements of Knights of the Old Republic—great storytelling, sharp dialogue with fully realized-characters, and an immersive, deep world—shine all the brighter on the iPad.

Review: Le Vamp for iOS is the cutest endless running game ever

This polished endless runner game will keep you on your toes with different gestures, upgrades and power-ups, and excellent animation.

Review: XCOM: Enemy Unknown-Elite Edition

This Mac game's dark, gritty story and almost limitless potential for role playing and expansion will have you hooked in for the long haul.

Review: Battle with comic legends in Injustice: Gods Among Us for iOS

Injustice: Gods Among Us isn't the flag-waving, triumphant debut of DC Comics on the iOS platform, but it's way more fun than it ought to be.

Review: Xbox SmartGlass for iOS is a better way to use your Xbox

SmartGlass is a boon to Xbox owners, giving them a surprising amount of control over their console, as well as letting them access their Xbox Live online presence.

Review: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is every bit ridiculous as it sounds

No longer are rainbows, sparkly dolphins, and synth-pop ballads limited to acid trips in your high school buddy's Astro Van.