Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

MacSpeech Scribe 1.1

Transcription tool makes moving your spoken word to the printed page a snap.

iTunes 10

For the third year in a row, Apple has released a major version upgrade to iTunes, the center of its entertainment and mobile app universe. This time around, however, the new version of iTunes is predominantly a foundational update—less about new features and buttons, and more about laying the groundwork for important new avenues for the iTunes Store.

FontXChange 2.5

You can't go wrong with FontXChange 2.5. Its support for .dfont, Multiple Master, OpenType, Mac and Windows PostScript and TrueType, and the new Web Open Font Format is a huge help for Web and print designers and publishers.

First look: iTunes 10

It’s become a tradition in recent years: to coincide with Apple’s September music event, where new iPods and related hardware are presented, iTunes increases its version number by a notch. This year’s vintage features one major new feature, a handful of interface changes, and some minor tweaks. Here’s an overview of what’s new and different in iTunes 10.

Blogo 1.3

Blogo 1.3 is a versatile blog editing application that goes the extra mile by offering features you won’t find in similar applications.

Video Mémoires 1.0

Keep a daily video journal with Video Mémoires.

iScrapbook 3.0.4

iScrapbook 3 places this software into a whole new realm by offering a universe of free and enhanced templates, page and album designs, and artwork you can use to create own pages.

PopChar X 5.0

Numerous improvements and fixes grace the new version of PopChar. Here's our review.

Poser Pro 2010

Poser Pro 2010 offers an extensive library of models that work well in other 3D programs, and a solid image and animation creation program.

Inkscape 0.47

For basic drawing tasks, Inkscape is just as powerful as Adobe Illustrator.

Qumana 3.2.4

Java-based blog editing application offers cross-platform editing tools, but is limited.

DrawBerry 0.8.1

DrawBerry is not exactly a substitute for Adobe Illustrator, but it works well in a pinch for creating a basic vector drawing image, such as a brochure or a garage sale sign.

Ecto 3.0.2

Ecto 3.0.2 is an great blog editing application and one that in many ways is more convenient than the Web-interface for your blog.