Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

Everplay 1.1.1

iTunes may be a good media manager and device syncing utility, but sometimes, all you need is a player. Everplay is a more compact and social media player that piggy backs on your iTunes library, allowing you to enjoy media, share your favorites, and discover new music more easily than iTunes.

Turbo.264 HD Software Edition 1.1

The software-only version of Elgato's Turbo.264 HD costs half as much as the hardware-assisted version, but also works more slowly.


As a blogging tool, TypePad might appeal to almost anybody. But it likely has the most to offer users who take blogging seriously as a venue for personal publishing, as a means to promote businesses, or even as a way to make money.

SizzlingKeys 4.0.1

iTunes controller gives you easy access to what you’re listening to in iTunes.

WordPress 3.0

WordPress is an easy-to-use blogging platform for those who don't know any HTML code. If you do code, then you can do much more, not only in your theme and widgets, but also in your posts.

Miro 3.0.2

Media player offers options collecting, managing, and enjoying audio and video from the Web.

Viewfinder 1.0.6

Provides speedy Flickr search results.

MemoryMiner 2.1.1

Unique storytelling tool does a good job despite a few rough edges.

Blender 2.49b

Serious moviemakers, animators, and graphic designers are a demanding bunch. For them, using the best tool for the job is more important than a low (or at least affordable) price. Blender is one major exception to this rule.

Contribute CS5

Contribute CS5 is the latest incarnation of Adobe's application for non-technical Web contributors. Here's our review.

CallitADay 2.2

Make a robust daily journal.

iWeb Valet 2.3.9

iWeb Valet 2.3.9 lets users customize their Websites with features unavailable in iWeb and without the need to edit a single line of HTML. It offers a few handy new tools for your iWeb pages but is held back by a cumbersome workflow.

GuestReel 1.1

GuestReel turns your Mac into a fun video kiosk.