Don't-Miss Graphics & design software Stories

SongGenie 2

SongGenie 2, from equinux, does a good job identifying your music tracks and adding or fixing tag information (but not, unfortunately, album art).

Permute makes it easy to convert video for Apple's devices

Permute is a simple, drag-and-drop utility for converting video to formats compatible with Apple's devices (and to many other formats, as well).

Veenix TypeBook Creator 2.4.1

Veenix TypeBook Creator's unique feature set lets you explore the fonts you have, offers the best selection of layouts for specimen pages, and is reasonably priced.

Digital Power Station (DPS) for iTunes

If you listen to a lot of music or watch a lot of movies and TV shows in iTunes, Digital Power Station (DPS) for iTunes can make the experience a more pleasurable one.

Strata Enfold 3D CX 1.0

Strata's Enfold 3D CX plugs directly into Illustrator CS3 or CS4 to give you superior tools for package design.

Buffalo Dualie

Buffalo’s Dualie is two things in one. It’s a dock for your iPhone or iPod and a dock for a portable 500GB hard drive.

TuneUp Media TuneUp

TuneUp can help fix with missing and mislabeled metadata in your iTunes tracks, but it won't find everything.

Automatic Duck ProDate DV

ProDate DV is a Final Cut Pro plug-in that provides a means to display date and time information only when you want it.

Strata Design 3D CX 6.1

While most 3D programs on the market play nicely with Adobe’s industry standard apps, none have thus far created an integrated system that removes the guesswork for its users. That’s the strength of Strata Design 3D CX 6.1.

iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner 1.0

iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner is easy to recommend for anyone who needs to clean up audio files frequently.

HandBrake remains a rockin' rippin' application

HandBrake 0.9.4 offers improved speed, a helpful preview window, subtitles you can switch off, and constant encoding. What's not to like?

Strata Foto 3D CX 2

Strata Foto 3D CX lets you use a standard digital camera to capture real-world objects as textured 3D models.

MacJournal 5.1

If you want to organize and record your thoughts, have them all in one place, and keep them private, there's nothing better on the Mac than MacJournal.