Don't-Miss Health & fitness software Stories

MotionX Sleep for iPhone

This motion-sensitive app promises to help you sleep better at night and move more when you're awake. Despite a few flaws, it delivers on that promise.

GymPact for iPhone

This iPhone app is based on an interesting concept -- if you don't meet your agreed-upon workout goals, you're charged for missed workouts. And that money goes to other app users who did follow through on their workout.

App Guide: iOS calorie counters

If 2012 is the year you start keeping a closer eye on calories, these apps can help you slim down.

App Guide: Fitness and exercise apps for iOS

Start 2012 right with a little exercise. These apps can help with everything from coming up with a routine to logging your progress.

Stats of the Union for iPad

While this app's data visualization technology is really quite elegant, the data it contains is either incorrect or presented in misleading ways.

App Guide: Health-conscious grocery apps

The next time you hit the grocery store, any one of these apps can help you track down healthier food options.

Calorific Lite for iPhone

If your goal is simply to become more aware of what you choose to eat, and to nudge yourself toward defaulting to healthier eating, this iPhone app is a great, low-fuss tool.

App Guide: iOS calorie counters

Keeping track of what you eat is a great way to stay on top of your diet. These iOS apps can help you log your calorie intake.

Intelitrainer for iPhone

This excellent fitness app offers all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

iWorkout Muse Pro and iWorkout Muse for iPhone

If music is an essential part of your workout, then iWorkout Muse Pro (or the more limited, less expensive iWorkout Muse) should become part of your exercise regimen.

iFitness HD for iPad

This comprehensive exercise app is a very good fitness offering that sometimes tries to do too much and doesn't always measure up to its iPhone counterpart.

Pet First Aid for iPhone

If you love your pets, for less than the price of a chew toy, you can have an app that presents concise, easy-to-follow information in the event of an emergency.

Fitaide Pro for iPhone

There's much to like about this fitness app, which has some clever features to help you meet your exercise goals.