Don't-Miss Lifestyle software Stories

beeTV for iPhone

This app, for finding out what TV shows are playing and when, has some nice features. But to be truly useful, its recommendation system needs an overhaul.

Doodle Buddy for iPhone and iPad

Whether you use the iPhone or iPad version, this app is a fun way to doodle away without all the trappings and higher learning curves of more sophisticated painting applications in the App Store.

Tap & Track for iPhone

Tap & Track offers a fun and simple way to track your calorie intake. The app is a great way to keep track of your weight loss.

Momento for iPhone

If you want to jot down notes about your day to help remember them later, this journaling app is a good solution with a great interface.

SAS Survival Guide for iPhone

This app -- featuring an electronic version of the best-selling SAS Survival Guide Handbook -- is packed with information and features that will interest even the most urban of couch-dwellers.

ShapeUp Club for iPhone

The success of this app lies in its ability to do something relatively complicated -- detailed calorie counting -- in a very simple manner. A quick spin through ShapeUp Club, and you'll be amazed that you get this kind of functionality for free.

Handwriting for iPhone

Handwriting is a simple enough app to use for writing out a message or drawing with your finger. Unfortunately, a flawed undo feature detracts from the app.

iHome iA5

The iHome iA5 alarm clock might be just another iPod-dockable speaker unit, were it not for integration with a free companion iPhone app. Mobile Application for iPhone

This app is an excellent companion to the Website when it comes to helping you find a furry, feathered, or four-legged friend.

Pocket Coach for iPhone

This app's straightforward, no-nonsense approach to personal growth and achievements -- along with the just-frequent-enough reminders that you need to get on the stick -- are attractive attributes for an app that wants to help you get things done.