Don't-Miss Audio Stories

App Guide: iOS playlist generators

Looking for a certain song that matches the mood you're in? These iOS app promise to pull together music that's appropriate for your current mindset.

Adobe Audition CS6's new features harmonize with video, radio, and podcast production

Mac audio pros will appreciate Audition's support for control surfaces, clip grouping, and Redbook CD burning. Longtime Windows Audition users will be pleased with the return of features they loved.

Mashduo quickly compares iTunes libraries

Mashduo makes quick work of the otherwise-tedious process of comparing two iTunes libraries. If you ever need to figure out which songs didn't make the journey when transferring libraries, this free app is for you.

Seamless transitions your music from Mac to iOS effortlessly

Wish you could keep playing the Imperial March on your iPhone as you leave your desk for the day? Seamless is a nifty pair of apps for doing just that.

The Guitar Collection: George Harrison for iPad

A must-have for hard-core Beatles fans and guitar aficionados, this iPad guide also serves as a model for how to make a content-rich iOS app.

GarageBand for iPhone and iPad

Version 1.2 of Apple's mobile music maker is another impressive step forward for this remarkable, must-have app.

Cleartune for iPhone and iPad

Less expensive tuner apps will get the basics right, but this iPad and iPhone tool stands out for its flexibility in offering a range of tuning modes.

NPR Music for iPhone and iPad

This music app from National Public Radio has great archived content and radio stations and lovely designs. Unless your tastes run to the kind of music unlikely to be featured by NPR Music, the app is a worthy addition to your iOS devices.

App Guide: Guitar apps for iPhone and iPad

Your iOS device becomes a six-string instrument with the help of these iPhone and iPad apps.

Skip Tunes is a simple and elegant music controller

Skip Tunes gives you a simple menu-bar controller for iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio.

App Guide: Creative apps at Macworld | iWorld

From photography to music, app developers had plenty of offerings on display at Macworld | iWorld to stoke your creative muse.

Dr. Seuss Band for iPhone and iPad

Dr. Seuss Band is clearly inspired by the famed author, but the connection is tenuous at best. The Rock Band-style gameplay isn't that fun, but just goofing off with the multi-faceted instrument kind of is.

First Look: Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio tries to encompass two markets -- streaming radio a la Pandora and as a paid music subscription service. The free service is good. The premium subscription service needs work.