Don't-Miss Audio Stories

PandaBar is a nifty Pandora client for Mac

PandaBar is a nifty menu-bar player for the Pandora streaming-music service.

Tunesque lets you search all of Apple's media stores at once

Tunesque makes it easier to find Apple-hawked media by consolidating searches of all Apple's media stores in a single interface.

GarageBand for iPhone and iPad

The updated mobile version of Apple's music-making app now runs on the iPhone and iPod touch while adding new features. Christopher Breen is impressed with the iPhone implementation, but thinks version 1.1's refinements and improvements make GarageBand a better and more musical tool.

App Guide: Discover new music with these iOS apps

Trying to remember the name of the song you've got stuck in your head? Or are you just trying to stay on top of the newest tunes? These iPhone and iPad apps can help.

iTunes 10.5 helps you use iTunes less often

iTunes 10.5 is virtually unchanged from the outside. Rather than adornments and new media features, this version of iTunes focuses entirely on the cloud and iOS devices.

GhostGuitar for iPhone and iPad

With GhostGuitar, you point your iOS device's front-facing camera at yourself, and start jamming on a virtual axe.

Smarts 1.0 for iTunes

Smarts helps you manage iTunes's smart playlists by letting you create playlist templates, archive infrequently used smart playlists, and export smart playlists in an iTunes-compatible format.

Take Five 1.1.2

If you need to temporarily pause your music listening, Take Five resumes playback automatically, avoiding the all-too-common realization that you've been listening to nothing because you forgot to press Play again. It also provides a useful informational display for identifying tracks.

Lidpop 1.0.2

Lidpop gives your MacBook a bit of personality by playing your favorite sounds when it sleeps and wakes. Trust us: It's fun.

First Look: Spotify

Spotify has come to the U.S. Christopher Breen takes a first look at the subscription music service.

App Guide: Apps for singers

If there's a song in your heart, let it out. These iOS apps will make you sing -- even, in some cases, if you can't carry a tune.

LaDiDa and Songify for iPhone

Developer Khush builds iPhone apps with the idea of removing the barriers to creating music so that anyone can sing a song. Philip Michaels looks at two Khush apps -- LaDiDa and the newly released Songify -- to see if they deliver on that promise.

GarageBand for iPad

GarageBand for iPad is a deep and very affordable app suitable for musicians and tin-eared musical newbies alike.