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Google Field Trip is designed to help you explore unchartered territory, but it's definitely not perfect.

Review: Bring your beater car into the 21st century with Magellan’s SmartGPS

This $250 iOS app and mini-tablet combo gives you the connected-car experience without buying a brand-new car.

Review: Google Maps for iPhone drives competition with Apple

The much-awaited Google Maps for iPhone will please many users who are disappointed with iOS 6's Maps and may even win some converts. Most of all, though, it steps up the mapping competition.

App Guide: Traffic monitoring apps for iOS

These iOS apps can tell you about any hold-ups or bottlenecks that might crop up en route to where you want to go.

iOS travel guides help Olympic visitors navigate London

The Olympic torch is about to be lit in London. If you're heading across the Atlantic to watch the Games in person, we look at some apps that might be able to help you find your way around town.

App Guide: iOS gas-finding apps

Don't let the high price of gasoline keep you from hitting the road this three-day weekend. Use these apps to track down the best gas prices from your iOS device.

App Guide: iPhone and iPad restaurant finders

If you're looking for a tasty bite this weekend, these iOS apps can point you in the right direction.

App Guide: iOS map apps

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App Guide: Road trip apps for iOS

If your three-day weekend includes a lot of time in the car, these apps can help you plan a route, prepare for traffic, and figure out where to stop along the way.

HopStop for iPhone

Whether you're a strap-hanging road warrior or a first-time visitor to a new city, this easy-to-use navigation tool will get you where you're going in no time.

Waze for iPhone and iPad

Waze is a free navigation app for iOS that uses data from users to build its maps.

App Guide: Holiday travel apps

Whether you're traveling by land or air this holiday season, these apps can help you check your flight status, avoid traffic jams, or book last-minute travel.

App Guide: iOS map apps

In honor of Columbus Day, here are some iOS map apps that will help you find out where you're headed and what's around you, whether it's the New World or just around the corner.