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App Guide: iOS parking apps

Never wander aimlessly about a parking garage again, with the help of these mobile car finders.

GadgetTrak for iPhone and iPad

This app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can help you recover an errant piece of mobile hardware. GadgetTrak adds to your peace of mind at a relatively low cost.

YP Yellow Pages apps for iPhone and iPad

The iPhone version of this Yellow Pages app outshines its iPad counterpart after a recent update that added easy to access lists of local deals and upcoming local events.

EasyTrails GPS for iPhone

If you hike, bike, stroll, or even drive paths regularly, this app can be a useful way to record both your route and pertinent details like altitude, speed, and coordinates.

Beat the Traffic HD for iPad

This app really covers all the bases when it comes to not only looking at current conditions, but what to expect throughout the day. By integrating user reports with publicly available statistics, Beat the Traffic HD gives you the most accurate picture of the road you can get without actually being stuck in traffic.

SafeCellApp for iPhone

This app, which blocks you from calling or texting while driving and rewards you points for ignoring incoming calls, is a worthwhile investment for anyone interested in distraction-free driving.

G-Park for iPhone and iPad

If you tend to forget where you've left your car, G-Park should certainly be able to help; the app works as advertised so long as you're using an iOS device with the ability to look up its location via GPS or cell tower triangulation.

Footprintz for iPhone

This app logs your comings and goings, which can be helpful if you need reminders on where you've visited for either a vacation or business trip. Keep in mind that the results may not always prove to be as accurate as you'd like.

iExit for iPhone

If you take a lot of road trips, this app can be a valuable resource, letting you know of gas stations, restaurants, and hotels at upcoming exits.

Text'nDrive Pro for iPhone

This app focuses on helping you navigate your e-mail without having to look at your phone's screen. And while there's a clever concept behind this text-to-voice e-mail reader, it simply doesn't prove to be very useful in practice.

TheMovieMap for iPhone

There's a clever concept behind this app, which shows you movie locations on an integrated map. But at this stage, TheMovieMap is too difficult to use to be much fun to movie buffs.

Yellow Pages for iPhone and iPad

This useful app lets you look up information about businesses, including addresses, phone numbers, and, when available, a Citysearch star rating.

UrbanCompass for iPhone

If you frequent metropolitan areas, this navigation app for the iPhone 3GS will do a great job finding nearby businesses and guiding you toward them.