Don't-Miss News software Stories

Hourly News review: Be in the know with the latest news

Hourly News sits in your menu bar and provides quick access to the news.

Reeder 2 review: Popular RSS reader gets a fresh coat of iOS 7-friendly paint

After the RSS mess caused by Google Reader's death, Silvio Rizzi's popular RSS-feed reader is back with a new iOS 7-friendly look and the same, time-tested user interface. Though it needs some minor tweaks to reach the same level of polish as its predecessor.

Review: MultiPLX RSS reader offers powerful features and a few too many bugs

MultiPLX is a clean and powerful RSS reader that offers many unique features and is updated regularly with new ones. Its beta status makes is a bit of an adventure, but a worthwhile one.



Review: Transfer your website's RSS feed from Feedburner to FeedPress

The Internet is abuzz with rumours that Feedburner is next on Google's chopping block. Set up some insurance by redirecting your RSS feed to FeedPress.

Instacast for Mac icon

Mac Gems: Instacast for Mac makes listening to podcasts a pleasure

If you listen to podcasts, Instacast belongs on your Mac, particularly if you find yourself switching between devices when you're on the go.

A week with Pulse: A Google Reader junkie's journey

A Google Reader addict looks for a substitute for the soon-to-be-vanquished RSS platform.


iOS App Review: Readability provides convenience for mobile reading

Compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, the iOS version of Readability's read-it-later offering offers a simple workflow and pleasingly minimalist design.

App Guide: Political convention apps

With the political conventions kicking off this week, these apps can keep you up-to-date on all the latest election news between now and November.

Perfect RSS Reader for iPad

A few minor complaints keep this Google Reader client from living up to its name. But it's mostly easy to use and certainly nice to look at.

Google Currents for iPhone and iPad

This is a nice mobile news-reader from the search giant, but the iPhone and iPad suffers from a perplexing failure to integrate more fully with Google's RSS-reading service.

App Guide: iOS Olympics apps

Stay on top of all the Olympic action from London with the help of these apps, which offer news, profiles, results, and -- in one case -- live streaming.

Hands on: Next Issue all-you-can-read magazine iPad app

On Tuesday, Next Issue Media brings its all-you-can-read magazine app (previously only for Android tablets) to the iPad.

ChannelCaster for iPhone and iPad

This news aggregator for the iPhone and iPad has a way to go before it matches the best apps in this category. But a recent update introduced some key improvements.