Don't-Miss News software Stories

Flipboard for iPhone and iPad

Even when shrunk down to fit the iPhone's screen, Flipboard still offers a great interface for casual reading.

Livestand from Yahoo for iPad

The free iPad news-reading app from Yahoo is enjoyable to use, but too much of its content feels limited to be a go-to app for news junkies.

Evri for iPad

Fun to look at and fun to use, this iPad news-reading app is a triumph.

Newstream for iPhone

Of all the news apps promising a personalized experience, Newstream comes the closest -- at least for iPhone and iPod touch users.

App Guide: Newsstand apps

These apps have jumped at the chance to take advantage of the new Newsstand feature in iOS 5.

APM: Marketplace Radio for iPhone

The app provides podcast versions of Marketplace radio segments you might hear on your local NPR station. But there are no extras, like extensive show archives or sharing features, to be found.

App Guide: Top-rated personalized news apps for iOS

We've tested a few iOS apps that deliver news on the topics that interest you. Here's a round-up of our favorites.

App Guide: iPad news discovery apps

Get our reviews of six top news discovery apps for your iPad in one place.

iCatcher for iPhone and iPad

For the total experience of discovering, organizing, and listening to podcasts, iCatcher is tough to top.

USA Today for iPad

USA Today was available in the App Store when the iPad first launched, but the software was buggy and incomplete. Since then, the tablet version of the newspaper has improved, though some flaws remain.

The Daily and CNN App for iPad

Both The Daily and CNN offer custom iPad news experiences. Lex Friedman pits the two against each other to see which -- old-school CNN or upstart The Daily -- does the job better.

Newspapers for iPad

This iPad app does a solid job serving as a portal to more than 4,000 newspapers in the United States and around the world.

App Guide: Business news apps

Looking to keep tabs on the latest data coming out of the world of finance? These apps go beyond the limited data you'll find in the built-in iOS Stocks app.