Don't-Miss News software Stories

New York tabloid newspapers for the iPhone

If the iPad is going to breathe new life into print publications, publishers will have to do better than the iPad versions of the New York Daily News and New York Post, which are little more than digitized versions of the daily newspapers. That said, the Post app makes an effort with a few interactive features.

60 Minutes for iPad

The iPad version of the long-running network news program takes a no-frills approach, but if you want to watch recent segments on your tablet, it delivers exactly what you're looking for.

The Big Picture for iPhone and iPad

This hybrid app delivers impressive-looking photos to whatever iOS device you happen to use. But the overall user experience needs some improvement to differentiate it from what you can get on the Web for free.

The Washington Post for iPad

A strong offering from the Washington Post is marred by difficult editorial content navigation.

PBS NewsHour for iPhone

You won't get a lot of breaking news with this app for the venerable public television news program. But you will get PBS NewsHour video, audio, and text transcripts in a no-frills format that serves the app well.

Podcaster for iPhone

This app for finding, downloading, and listening to podcasts improves on the built-in functionality of your iPhone or iPod touch.

The Guardian for iPhone

Thanks to its endlessly customizable headlines and delightful array of podcasts, this mobile app from the U.K. newspaper is among the better news offerings in the App Store.

CNN Elections Center for iPhone

This app from CNN could be of use on Election Day, when it will let you track the results of races you're interested in. But right now, the app is mostly a shell waiting to be filled.

Blancspot for iPhone

This app -- which delivers a slideshow of the day's headlines accompanied by a soundtrack -- is pretty cool-looking. But news junkies will find it wanting.

Info Junkie for iPhone

If you crave news, it's nice to have an app that comes pre-loaded with bookmarks to all the major news sites. But there's not much that Info Junkie does that the built-in Safari app doesn't do better.

Pulse News Mini for iPhone

This iPhone RSS reader has many of the same virtues and vices as the iPad optimized Pulse News Reader.

America's Election HQ for iPhone

While there's some information to be found in this election news app, political junkies may find it too shallow for their tastes.

Times for iPad

This beautifully designed, intelligent feed reader for the iPad removes most of what's frustrating about most RSS feed readers.