Don't-Miss News software Stories

Bloomberg for iPad

This information-packed app offers an immense amount of global financial news while also letting you track your investments.

RSS Runner for iPhone

This app won't replace Google Reader anytime soon, but its ability to save your RSS feed updates for reading when you're nowhere near a network connection is useful for commuters.

Flipboard for iPad

This fantastic iPad-optimized feed reader creates a Web media experience that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Wash Post for iPhone

Unless you want content from the Washington Post available for offline reading, it's best to just skip this uninspired paid app and stick with the newspaper's mobile Website.

Reeder for iPhone and iPad

This feed reader that syncs with Google Reader is both stylish and feature-packed. Despite a small handful of complaints, it's a great buy for both casual readers and news junkies.

Newsprint for iPhone

This bug-ridden RSS reader crashes and hangs frequently, often encounters "unknown errors," and is incapable of locating even the feeds that come preloaded on this $5 app.

ABC News for iPad

While certainly eye-catching, this iPad-optimized news app is little more than a gimmicky front end for a Website, and a fairly silly one at that.

The Early Edition for iPad

This RSS reader sports a unique look, arranging your feeds into a newspaper-style layout. Unfortunately, the design gets in the way of the feed reader functions.

STARSS and Pulse News Reader for the iPad

Its Star Trek-inspired look may impress some users, but if you're interested in reading your RSS feeds, STARSS isn't the answer. Pulse News Reader is a more compelling offering for the iPad -- at least if you don't subscribe to more than a handful of feeds.

BBC News for iPhone and iPad

This app from the BBC is chock-full of attractive, well-organized, world-class journalism. But compared to similar apps -- notably NPR's offerings -- BBC News could offer more content in a better design.

Fox News apps for iPhone

Both Fox News and especially Fox Business are solid, newsy apps, where headlines take center stage. Fox News UReport, on the other hand, is a disappointing effort that doesn't seem to have much of a point.

Instapaper Pro for iPhone and iPad

This app for saving online articles for later reading has been one of our favorites since it debuted on the iPhone two years ago. And now that it has an iPad-optimized interface, it's even more of a must-have download.

USA Today for iPad

This iPad-optimized version of the nation's newspaper disappoints. Besides some bugs that will likely be addressed in a future release, the app doesn't make much of an effort to take advantage of the iPad's more expansive interface.