Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

The Big Picture for iPhone and iPad

This hybrid app delivers impressive-looking photos to whatever iOS device you happen to use. But the overall user experience needs some improvement to differentiate it from what you can get on the Web for free.

Instagram for iPhone

Instagram's simple photo editing features and social networking capabilities make it a fun tool for iPhone-wielding photobugs.

Panoramas for iPhone

While photo-stitching app Panoramas produces really nice results, it requires a lot of time and effort. That being said, the app is quite powerful, and ideal for users who want to a great way to smooth out flaws.

360 Panorama for iPhone

In terms of simplicity and ease of use, 360 Panorama is exceptional, and it's certainly neat to see your panorama being generated right in front of you. Unfortunately, the app lacks the ability to edit the photo once it's been captured, leaving you with possibly uneven edges that could require further tweaking elsewhere. However, for quick and dirty panoramas, this is probably one of the best on the market.

iStoryboards for iPhone

This app for planning out how your video projects will look lacks features and suffers from numerous performance issues.

PicBounce for iPhone

There's a clever idea behind this app -- upload your photos to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Unfortunately, in our tests, PicBounce was unable to deliver.

PhotoCaddy for iPhone

No matter the situation or setting, this reference app offers a wealth of advice for photographers, with tips and suggested settings that are concise and easy to find.

iPhoto '11

iPhoto ‘11 reflects Apple’s desire to integrate iOS innovations into Mac OS X applications and refine the user experience. The new features are more polishing rather than breakthroughs.

Posterino 2.0.1

Posterino is perhaps the easiest way to create a stunning, poster-size collage of your favorite photos.

Geotag Photos Pro for iPhone

This app harnesses the iPhone's built-in GPS capabilities to make it simple to record location data for photos you've captured with another device.

Review: Photoshop Elements 9

The latest iteration of Photoshop Elements--version 9--has a layer mask button, Facebook integration, and Content-Aware Fill features, and it comes packaged with the Adobe Elements Organizer.

OldBooth Premium for iPhone

This novelty image editing app lets you impose your face (or the faces of friends) onto older pictures. It's a clever image-editing tool that's good for a few laughs.

Photo Captions HD for iPad

This iPad app lets you quickly add captions, frames and graphics to your photos, or even create greeting cards and collages. It's easy to use, and the results could tickle your funny bone.

Plastic Bullet for iPhone

This app, which replicates some toy camera charm on your iPhone, requires very little user input. But it also creates warm, exciting new looks for your mobile images.

You Gotta See This for iPhone

This app, which uses the gyroscope in the iPhone 4 to help create a panoramic-style view, has a few shortcomings. But it's a fun app to use and a great way to show off to friends.