Don't-Miss Photography software Stories

Diptic for iPhone and iPad

With the help of this universal app for the iPhone and iPad, you can easily mix your photos into a collage that tells a story. A few areas of Diptic could use some fine-tuning, but overall this is an easy -- and fun -- image editor.

Color Splash for iPad

Having brought desaturation to the iPhone with a version of Color Splash for that device, Pocket Pixels turns its attention to the iPad, and the resulting app is quite impressive.

IncrediBooth for iPhone

This iPhone 4 app uses that device's front-facing camera to recreate the fun of photo booths. IncrediBooth is cleverly designed, offering a fun way to give your mobile images vintage look using the latest technology.

ShootShifter 2.5.1

ShootShifter helps sort pictures from multiple cameras

Pixelmator 1.6

Newly revamped Pixelmator 1.6 is incredibly fast, has some fun new tools, and features the same slick-design as always. But is it a valid alternative to Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, or iPhoto?

Cross Process for iPhone

This well-designed app replicates cross-processing effects on your mobile photos. It's a good single-purpose app, though other App Store offerings allow you to give a cross-processed look to your photos, along with many other popular low-fi options.

Viewfinder 1.0.6

Provides speedy Flickr search results.

Gemini -- Multi-Shot Animator for iPhone

This app's ability to combine images shot with the iPhone's camera into short, animated clips can be very entertaining, though there are some limitations you'll need to overcome to get the best results.

MemoryMiner 2.1.1

Unique storytelling tool does a good job despite a few rough edges.

Photogene for iPad

With a wonderful interface that's easy to use, Photogene makes it as pleasurable to edit photos on your iPad as it is to view them.

Lo-mob for iPhone

If you like the idea of experimenting with the iPhone photos you take, Lo-mob gives you a lot of lo-fi options. By adding retro effects, you can give your photos a vintage feel, making them look like they were taken with a classic old camera instead of a start-of-the-art smartphone.

Video Genius for iPhone

This free app allows the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G to capture video, though at markedly lower quality than what owners of more recent iPhones will enjoy. Still, it's a serviceable solution if you're willing to live with the app's significant trade-offs.

PhotoBag for iPhone

If you've got a lot of photos stored on your iPhone, this app can help you sort them by date and location, but only if you've taken those images from within the app itself.

7.0 Megapixel Camera +Zoom for iPhone

This app promises better results from your iPhone camera by allowing you to take higher resolution photos. But while the photos delivered by 7.0 Megapixel Camera are certainly bigger, they're not necessarily better.

TouchOfColor for iPhone

This app attempts to help you accent colors in your mobile images, and while its results are decent, this may be an image-editing activity that's better suited for another device.