Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

TeuxDeux for iPhone

Now that Reminders comes with Apple's iOS, simple to-do list managers need to offer some sort of stand-out feature. TeuxDeux comes up short.

Promising Prospect: Clipboard Cleaner automatically strips formatting from the clipboard

Clipboard Cleaner is a simple utility that strips all formatting from the contents of the clipboard, either automatically or on command.

Summly for iPhone

This search assistant promises to summarize the contents of a Web page in an easily digestible format. But Summly seems to have a hard time figuring out what information is relevant and what isn't.

Phraseology for iPad

Why choose Phraseology over the countless text editors in the App Store? Its refined interface, powerful text arranging and analysis tools, and simplicity combine to make it an easy choice.

OmniPlan 2.0.3 offers powerful project-management tools

OmniPlan is designed to help you take in the broad view of a project while still keeping you focused on the details necessary to make sure all your resources are in place and the project is completed on time.

PhatPad for iPad

This note taker promises to combine text and graphics, even if you draw them on your iPad with a finger. The reality is a bit of a mixed bag.

iMockups for iPad

This iPad app works very well to create, and present, basic wireframe models; save for a few missing features, it's practically an indispensable tool if you work with iOS apps, Web apps, or website projects.

WritePad for iPhone and iPad

Available in separate versions for the iPhone and iPad, this app does a pretty good job of taking your handwritten notes and converting them into text, though not without a few quirks.

iA Writer is a solid no-distraction writing tool

If iA Writer's minimalism agrees with you, you may find that it frees your mind to do what the best writing tools are designed for: writing.

mGifts for iPhone and iPad

This gift-list management app makes use of iCloud for year-round functionality.

Task Eater for iPhone

This iPhone and iPod touch app is a beautiful, simple task manager that offers customizable visual cues in a sleek-looking package.

Notability for iPad

This iPad note-taker is so chock-full of features, it does the work of up to four other apps.

Schedule Planner Pro for iPhone and iPad

Though not without flaws, both the iPhone and iPad versions of this calendar app are characterized by elegant design with interfaces that make it simple to create categories and add events.