Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Pear Note for iPad

Anybody who uses their iPad to jot down notes will appreciate the mobile version of this note-taking application.

GrowlVoice 1.6.1 brings notifications to Google Voice

GrowlVoice marries the power of Google Voice with the low profile of the Growl notification system framework, notifying you whenever you miss a text, miss a call, or get a voicemail.

App Guide: iOS note-takers

If inspiration strikes when you're out and about, never fear -- these apps can record your thoughts or capture other bits of information you want stored for later.

Tree offers a unique approach to outlining

Tree offers a unique approach to outlining by offering both vertical and horizontal organization.

Review: Voice Brief for iPhone

This fully featured app, which reads content from your iPhone aloud, can truly make you feel more productive.

Review: DevonThink Pro Office 2.2.1 helps manage your data

DevonThink is a fine file management app that offers easy to use, paperless databases for power users or businesses. While it make take some time to learn how to unleash DevonThink’s powerful potential, the time can be worth it for users interested in truly taking the paperless plunge in their offices.

Memonic for iPhone and iPad

This note-taking app shows a lot of promises, thanks to tight integration with desktop and Web-based versions and well-thought-out sharing capabilities. But there are some flaws with the iOS version, too.

Shortcuts 1.2

If you want more options for creating keyboard shortcuts than Mac OS X provides on its own, but you don't need a complex macro utility, Shortcuts is for you.

TellMeLater for iPhone

Simplicity and ease of use make this reminder app stand out as an effective time management app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Smail Stencil for iPhone

This simple text clipboard lets you compose and save messages that you send frequently via email or SMS. It works well, so long as you're willing to accept some limitations.

Todo for Mac manages and syncs your tasks

If your task-management needs are somewhere in between complex project management and simple lists, Todo is a fine Mac program that syncs with standout iOS apps.

Alarmed for iPhone and iPad

Alarmed won't win any Apple Design Awards for its looks. But when you hone in on its functionality, the combined reminder, alarm clock, sleep timer app impresses.

OmmWriter for iPad

This distraction-free writing tool suffers from some limitations with file management and keyboard shortcuts. But the fact that it creates a placid, relaxing writing environment makes it an intriguing option for iPad users.