Don't-Miss Productivity software Stories

Alarmed for iPhone and iPad

Alarmed won't win any Apple Design Awards for its looks. But when you hone in on its functionality, the combined reminder, alarm clock, sleep timer app impresses.

OmmWriter for iPad

This distraction-free writing tool suffers from some limitations with file management and keyboard shortcuts. But the fact that it creates a placid, relaxing writing environment makes it an intriguing option for iPad users.

Smart Pad for iPad

This iPad offering stands out among calendar apps because its power lies in its flexibility and in the level of detail it allows for.

App Guide: iWork and other iOS office suites

We review the latest mobile versions of iWork, which now run on all iOS device. And we include links to other mobile office productivity suites that will run on your iPhone or iPad.

Keynote for iPad and iPhone

The mobile version of Apple's presentation app continues to improve on the iPad, but you'll struggle to use it on the iPhone's smaller screen.

Numbers for iPad and iPhone

Depending on the complexity of your spreadsheet needs, Numbers' newfound compatibility with the iPhone and iPod touch may fit the bill, though it's a bit of a tight fit on those devices' smaller screens. Still, the other features in Numbers make the app worth considering if you want to work with spreadsheets on the go.

Pages for iPad and iPhone

The latest mobile version of Pages, which now runs on the iPhone and iPod touch in addition to the iPad, is an amazing word processing and page layout application made more amazing when you realize that all of this power is packed into a device that can fit inside your pocket. But it needs true file syncing to be truly great.

iWill for iPhone and iWill HD for iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad version of this task manager seems well-suited to users just getting their feet with the Getting Things Done approach to productivity. But making reminders an in-app purchase may limit the appeal of iWill for some users.

Notificant for iPhone

This iOS app and its Mac counterpart aim to reduce the amount of alarm-setting you need to do by letting you set a reminder once and have it appear on all your devices. Notificant also proves useful for quickly sending URLs and other bits of text between devices.

Noterize for iPad

It may lack the flash and capabilities of some competitors, but this combined note taking and document annotation app for the iPad is stable and reliable.

Zen Viewer HD for iPad

This app, which lets you read, view, and listen to many common types of files, has style and potential. But at this point, it's missing the reliability most users would want in their default file viewer.

MyPhoneDesktop and PasteFire for iPhone and iPad

We look at two utilities for moving information from your computer onto the pasteboard of your iOS device. MyPhoneDesktop offers a superior desktop app, handy contact management, full SMS support, and the ability to work with local images. But if you don't need a lot of features, PasteFire is a perfectly acceptable -- and free -- alternative.

Save2PDF for iPhone and iPad

This PDF creation app fills a unique need on the iOS platform and does the job quite well.