Don't-Miss Reference software Stories

Redshift -- Astronomy for iPhone and iPad

iOS device owners enjoy an embarrassment of riches when it comes to astronomy apps, and this universal app from USM adds another high-quality offering to the App Store.

App Guide: Mobile Wikipedia apps

There's more than one way to access Wikipedia. These iOS apps do everything from letting you look up online entries to finding nearby points of interest.

App Guide: Presidents' Day apps

Get to know the men who've occupied the Oval Office the last 223 years with the help of these iOS apps.

Parcel for iPhone and iPad

If you make a lot of shipments, this simply designed package tracker -- which includes support for 28 delivery services -- delivers the goods.

Rhyme Time for iPhone

This simple but reasonably sophisticated rhyming dictionary app fits the bill for those times when you're stuck on a word.

Two iPhone dictionary apps

Both Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus from Mobile Systems and Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus from jDictionary Mobile have plenty in common -- not the least of which are their names. But Sam Felsing says the apps have a few subtle differences.

iPad cocktail apps

Looking to relax with a nice, stiff drink? The iPad can help, with the assistance of a good cocktail recipes app. But which ones make the grade?

Expenditure for iPhone

This simple little app helps you track and organize your finances with a minimum of fuss. But it's entirely self-contained, which some users may find too limiting.

Terminology for iPad and iPhone

If you need a devoted dictionary app, both the iPad and iPhone editions of Terminology are characterized by smart font choices, a pleasant minimalist look, and an eye-friendly color palette.

Well Said for iPhone

If you're at a loss for words, this handy collection of quotations is a worthwhile addition to your iPhone or iPod touch. for iPad

If you prefer a dedicated dictionary to Googling words with Safari, for iPad is a first-class choice.

Political GPS for iPhone

There's a good idea behind this app for tracking members of Congress and how they vote. But it gets lost in the awkward execution.

Articles for iPhone

This app offers mobile access to Wikipedia. It's handy and works well, but there are faster dedicated Wikipedia apps for your iPhone and iPod touch.