Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

TweetDeck: Now in classic and Twitter flavors

Twitter's influence on TweetDeck is becoming more apparent in this major new version, with the option of a new, lighter look. We review the new features, including a column navigator that makes it easy to customize the layout.

iPhone app showdown: clients is a Twitter-esque microblogging platform. Here's how some of the early apps for the service stack up against one another.

Posts for iPad

If you need to write and post to a blog when you're out and about, Posts is a well-designed app that's of particular value for managing blogs.

TransFire XP for iPhone

TransFire XP is meant to simplify chatting between you and your friends who speak other languages. Unfortunately, however, the app is uniformly awful.

Bobsled Calling for iPhone and iPad

If you're looking for an unfussy little app to make Voice over IP calls on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, Bobsled Calling is a solid choice. for iPhone

This social networking app, which aggregates location-based check-ins from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and Google+ to let you know if friends are nearby, delivers on what it promises. But some might find the app's ability to follow strangers' check-ins to be a little off-putting.

Twittelator Neue for iPhone

Twittelator Neue for iPhone doesn't look or behave like every other Twitter client; it sports unique design choices all its own. It faces tough App Store competition, though.

App Guide: Social network aggregators for iOS

Manage all your social networks from one place with the help of any of these iOS apps.

Game Your Video for iPhone

Global Delight’s Game Your Video wants to make the video-editing process as simple as possible, and it does an excellent job of it.

Review: Tweetbot for iPad

Tweetbot was already great on the iPhone. On the iPad, it gets even more room to shine--and shine it does.

Find My Friends

Apple's Find My Friends follows through on the promise of its name, though you need to bring your own friends.

Flipboard for iPhone and iPad

Even when shrunk down to fit the iPhone's screen, Flipboard still offers a great interface for casual reading.

The 27th Annual Editors’ Choice Awards: Software

The Macworld staff reveals our top software picks of the year.