Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

Facebook for iPhone and iPad

Facebook finally arrived on the iPad, and the iPhone version of the app merited a few updates of its own, too. Despite a few quirks, the app offers a superb way to browse the social network from any iOS device.

Review: Cards for iPhone

Cards is clunky to use, and its options are limited. It doesn't even feel like Apple made the app.

My Circles for iPhone

This intuitive app gets the job of mass-messaging done without any fuss.

App Guide: iOS blogging tools

Inspiration for your blog can strike anywhere. These apps let you compose blog entries from the comfort of your mobile device.

Review: Tweet Hunt for iPhone and iPad

There's a half-decent idea behind Tweet Hunt, which combines Twitter with an old-fashioned shooting gallery game. But both versions suffer from execution errors.

Google+ for iPhone

The Google+ for iPhone app, like the social network it connects to, shows plenty of promise. But it feels a bit like an iOS app impostor.

WordPress for iPhone and iPad

This blogging app is most useful when you need to post something without a computer handy, and want to take advantage of mobile features. If you have a full browser, though, the app is no replacement.

Facely HD for iPhone and iPad

This universal app essentially provides a customized, skinned view of Facebook's touch-based mobile site -- ideal for iPad users who don't have a native Facebook app to call their own. Unfortunately, the result is merely OK.

GTX's GPS tracking apps for iPhone

Neither of these apps for letting your family and friends know your location is flashy, but they get the job done reasonably well.

SocialPhone for iPhone

This app lets you manage contacts, calls, e-mails, texts and social networks from a single place. When SocialPhone works, it works well, but it's also vulnerable to crashes.

Textie Messaging for iPhone and iPad

With little fuss, you can shave dollars off your phone bill by turning to this free messaging app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Line2 for iPhone

This app finds a comfortable middle ground between pure Voice over IP services and pure cellular calling services, offering unlimited calling and text messaging to U.S. and Canadian numbers, as well as voicemail and a variety of call features.

Tumbleroo for iPad

This iPad app, which lets you view your Tumblr dashboard, provides a very easy way to interact with the blogging platform, provided you're willing to accept some interface compromises.