Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

PicBounce for iPhone

There's a clever idea behind this app -- upload your photos to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Unfortunately, in our tests, PicBounce was unable to deliver.

Social for iPad

This app aims to create an unofficial Facebook experience on the iPad, but it's only slightly successful at meeting this goal.

GetGlue for iPhone and iPad

This social networking app takes the concept of check-ins and extends it to the popular culture you consume. While some might find the appeal of such an app to be limited, if you enjoy sharing your favorite TV shows, movies, and music with others, this app will be worth a try on any iOS device you use.

Skype for iPhone

Steady updates have made a good app great, particularly if you can take advantage of iOS 4's multitasking capabilities.

HelTweetica for iPad

It might lack the polish of other Twitter clients, but this iPad app puts the core features of the microblogging service front and center, while making other new and unique tools quickly accessible.

Twitran for iPhone

This is a solid Twitter client that adds the ability to translate Tweets from other languages into English using the power of Google Translator. It's a handy tool to have (when Google Translator produces a clear translation), but it's not enough to vault Twitran into the ranks of top mobile Twitter tools.

WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone

This clever iPhone app lets you stay in touch with friends without incurring SMS charges from AT&T. WhatsApp Messenger provides an alternative texting service that closely resembles standard SMS text messaging.

Osfoora for iPhone and iPad

Everyone uses Twitter differently. If you're a demanding user that wants a Twitter client that supports a vast array of capabilities, either the iPhone and iPad version of Osfoora will fit the bill, though the apps do suffer from some minor interface missteps.

Seesmic for iPhone

This app won't match the polished experience you'd get from a dedicated Facebook or Twitter client. But it does prove to be very convenient for updating multiple social networks services at once.

Twitter for iPhone

It's got a different name, but Twitter for iPhone is really just the successor to Tweetie 2. Everything that made that Twitter client great remains here, along with iOS 4 support and features that might appeal to Twitter newcomers.

Uface for iPhone

With a slick interface that makes it a breeze to use this app, Uface offers a fun way to create your own social networking avatar on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Viewfinder 1.0.6

Provides speedy Flickr search results.

Toodalu for iPhone

This mobile app for the Toodalu location-based social networking service is decent enough, but Toodalu itself doesn't measure up to similar services like Foursquare and Gowalla.