Don't-Miss Social networking software Stories

PhotoNest for iPhone

If the sound a dedicated Twitter image viewer appeals to you, this image-focused client offers a fun, different take on viewing that specific part of your Twitter timeline.

SneakyTweet for iPhone

This Twitter client is packed with unique features to help it stand out from the rest of the crowd in the App Store. Unfortunately, not all of those features are fully baked.

LoKast for iPhone

This social networking app promises to let you share music, videos, and photos from your iPhone. It's a solid idea, but at this early stage, there are still some kinks to work out.

Five iPhone Twitter apps

In our latest look at the multitude of Twitter clients in the App Store, HootSuite works great, even if you leave some of its more powerful tools unused. Twit Pro is a fully functional Twitter client that gets the job done but suffers from an unpolished interface. And three TwitBird apps offer a refined interface that's a pleasure to use.

Feathers for iPhone

This app is strictly for composing tweets -- with a twist. Feathers offers more than a dozen ways to stylize your Twitter posts. It's a fun addition for Twitter users looking to dress up their tweets.

TvvitterBug for iPhone

This mobile Twitter client is a multidimensional iPhone app with a nicely organized interface and tons of potential. But it comes up short in executing some of its ideas.

FunMail for iPhone

This free text and picture messaging app is fun to use, but there's too much of a lag time between when you send the message and when it's received.

qStatus for iPhone

This app might appeal to Twitter and Facebook users who want to simultaneously update status messages at the social networking services. But bugs and design flaws mar the experience.

Twitterrific for iPad

As you might expect from its counterparts on the Mac and iPhone, the Iconfactory's Twitterrific for iPad is a well-designed, elegant Twitter client, though it may lack some bells and whistles.

LinkDew for iPhone and iPad

This app gives you a more visually engaging way to scroll through recent photos on Twitter than what you would expect from a typical Twitter client. The trouble is, it has a limited feature set and very little customization.

My Spot Pro for iPhone

This app, which allows you to e-mail your precise location to friends and contacts, can come in handy for easily letting people know where you are.

iHome iA5

The iHome iA5 alarm clock might be just another iPod-dockable speaker unit, were it not for integration with a free companion iPhone app.

TextNow for iPhone

Both this app and its free lite version bypass the built-in Messages app on the iPhone, enabling iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users alike to send and receive text messages. TextNow's interface makes it a decent alternative to Messages, but there are some limitations and flaws you should be aware of.