Don't-Miss Sports software Stories

App Guide: Sports coaching apps for iPhone and iPad

Whether you coach a sports team or are just looking for a little guidance to up your own game, these iOS apps have a game plan for you.

Review: SportCaster, PlayUp share the agony of defeat

Two apps -- SportCaster and PlayUp -- combine a basic sports scoreboard with the ability to interact with your fellow sports fans. While the two apps go about this in different ways, the results disappoint.

App Guide: Football season begins

The NFL season kicks off Thursday. These apps can help you get ready for all the gridiron action that’s coming your way in the 2011 season.

Review: Madden NFL 12 for iPhone and iPad

It's awesome that you can run as deep a game as Madden on your iOS device. It's less awesome that the game still isn't that fun with multitouch.

App Guide: iOS tennis apps

The U.S. Open is in full swing. Follow the action from your iOS device, work on your own game, or play a virtual match using this assortment of App Store offerings.

App Guide: iOS fantasy football apps

With the NFL lockout over, football season is about to begin -- which means fantasy football is just around the corner, too. Use these apps to prepare for your draft and manage your virtual team to greatness this season.

Altimeter for iPhone

If you're an outdoorsy person who like to know the elevation you've traversed when you're out and about, this inexpensive, simple app is a fine tool to have along.

App Guide: Baseball's Opening Day

Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts, and download these apps. I don't care if I ever come back.

Pennant for iPad

Baseball fans will find a lot to like about the way this iPad app presents baseball statistics. But because the information lacks depth and other sources do a better job presenting the same numbers -- usually for free -- Pennant's pleasures are fleeting.

NCAA March Madness on Demand for iPhone and iPad

This app for streaming live NCAA men's basketball tournament action to your iOS device adds iPad compatibility for this year's tournament. But the most welcome change is something missing from last year's offering -- a price tag.

App Guide: Enjoy the NBA All Star Game

With the NBA All Star Game tipping off this weekend, here's a collection of iOS apps that can satisfy your basketball jones.

EasyTrails GPS for iPhone

If you hike, bike, stroll, or even drive paths regularly, this app can be a useful way to record both your route and pertinent details like altitude, speed, and coordinates.

Sportacular Pro for iPhone

Sportacular used to be among the top sports scoreboard apps in the App Store. But recent updates have made it a bloated offering with increasingly frustrated load times. And the paid version of the app suffers from the same weaknesses.