Don't-Miss Sports software Stories

Sports Illustrated Magazine for iPad

The digital version of the sports weekly looks great on the iPad and offers features that take advantage of the platform. But a lack of a subscription option or any price break for subscribers of the print version makes the initial release appealing to only casual readers of the magazine.

UFC for iPhone

This Ultimate Fighting Championship app has a lot of information about fighters and promos of upcoming events. But unless you're using the app to buy and watch pay-per-view events live, there's not a lot of compelling content here.

The Game -- World Cup Edition for iPhone

Just in time for the World Cup, The Times has introduced an app that delivers the excellent soccer coverage readers of that newspaper have come to expect. As strong as the content is, however, the presentation is a little lackluster.

Three iPhone Soccer manager games

Among the trio of "text sim" soccer games reviewed here, Football Manager Handheld 2010 is an absolute blast to play. Championship Manager 2010 Express can't match Football Manager for depth, but it's fun in its own right. Soccer Manager lacks the polish of the two other games.

GameTrac for iPhone

It's simple to enter and track your stats with this app, which does a pretty good job charting your progress at sports and leisure activities. But GameTrac is less adept when it comes to keeping cumulative totals. And it's rather limited at what it will display.

ScoreCenter XL for iPad

As the XL label suggests, this app is a super-sized version of ScoreCenter optimized to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen. While it's a solid app in many respects, there are a few wobbly or missing features that mar the overall experience.

ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup for iPhone

This app from ESPN is a good place to get your fix of World Cup info before the start of the tournament. And it promises to add more features once the action kicks off in South Africa.

At Bat 2010 for iPad

This iPad app from Major League Baseball is very good -- so good, in fact, that it will have you wishing that it could contain even more data about the national pastime.

iSki Trail Maps for iPhone

This app does a good job of giving you quick offline access to trail maps, though it lacks some features to make it a more well-rounded offering.

CBC Hockey for iPhone

CBC Hockey is nicely designed, simple to use, and features almost everything you would need in a dedicated sports app. However, its implementation of video -- available only in Canada -- is a little clunky.

Baseball scorekeeping apps for iPhone

The App Store has a number of offerings that let you keep score of baseball games from your iPhone and iPod touch. Some -- most notably, Pointstreak K-Force -- do a decent job. But even the best mobile scorekeeper is no match for a sharp pencil and a good scorebook.

ESPN Radio for iPhone

This streaming radio app is a must-have offering for die-hard ESPN Radio listeners or for sports fans who just want sports radio in their pockets.

Sports Illustrated for iPhone

This free app has standout content from the sports weekly's stable of writers and photographers. Unfortunately, the app's design makes it feel less like an iPhone app and more like a Web page.