Don't-Miss Travel software Stories


Review: Liven up your vacation memories with free Animaps

Maps help you plan a journey or illustrate one already taken. Animaps enables you to make those maps more interactive and fun, using the power of Google Maps.


Review: Google's Field Trip acts as your personal tour guide

Google Field Trip is designed to help you explore unchartered territory, but it's definitely not perfect.

Review: Don't leave home without Hipmunk's travel search app for iOS

In an App Store full of free travel search apps, Hipmunk stands out thanks to features well suited to your iPhone and iPad.

National Parks by National Geographic for iPhone and iPad

This app contains information and photographs featuring 20 national parks. It's a decent offering on the iPhone, but it's really impressive to see what National Geographic does with the iPad's larger screen.

iOS travel guides help Olympic visitors navigate London

The Olympic torch is about to be lit in London. If you're heading across the Atlantic to watch the Games in person, we look at some apps that might be able to help you find your way around town.

Hands on: Next Issue all-you-can-read magazine iPad app

On Tuesday, Next Issue Media brings its all-you-can-read magazine app (previously only for Android tablets) to the iPad.

App Guide: Summer trip planners for iOS

Summer's here, and if you're planning on hitting the road, these apps can help you plan your journey.

TechHive: TRVL takes readers on a wonderful journey

Fans of travel, photography, or just wonderfully designed publications need to download the free TRVL offering straightaway.

Maplets for iPhone and iPad

Maplets boasts an extensive library of downloadable maps -- everything from transit systems to national parks. It's a great alternative to the built-in Maps offering, especially for those times when you don't have reliable network connectivity.

App Guide: Photo-centric travel apps for iOS

If you're looking for inspiration for a summer trip -- or just want to do some armchair traveling -- these image-heavy travel apps and digital magazines for iOS might give you a few ideas.

App Guide: iPhone and iPad restaurant finders

If you're looking for a tasty bite this weekend, these iOS apps can point you in the right direction.

App Guide: iOS map apps

Whether it's via highways, byways, or public transit, these iOS apps can help you get from Point A to Point B.

App Guide: Road trip apps for iOS

If your three-day weekend includes a lot of time in the car, these apps can help you plan a route, prepare for traffic, and figure out where to stop along the way.