Don't-Miss Travel software Stories

Zagat To Go for iPhone and iPad

Since our last review of this mobile guide to restaurants all over the world, the app has been optimized to run on the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch. The iPhone still provides a better Zagat experience, though if you travel a lot or live in an area well represented by Zagat's mobile guide, this app certainly proves useful.

TripIt for iPhone

This mobile companion to the Web service for travelers makes a good thing even better. With TripIt on your iPhone, you'll not only travel better -- you'll travel smarter.

Goby for iPhone and iPad

This clever little app aims to help you find something to do, wherever you are in the U.S. It's as simple to use as it is cute.

Google Earth for iPhone and iPad

We take a second look at Google's free app that puts the world at your fingertips and find that many complaints remain, even after an update to optimize Google Earth for the iPad. This iOS version of the software really pales in comparison to the desktop version, with bizarre omissions of seemingly perfect-for-mobile features.

Traffic for iPhone

While this app provides detailed information about traffic conditions, it can also be frustratingly incomplete. And if you just want to know about traffic in your area and not what's causing it, you can get the job done more cheaply with your phone's built-in Maps application.

Lonely Planet city guides for iPhone

Lonely Planet's mobile city guides can help you find the sights while saving you from having to lug a guidebook along on your journey. We look at a trio of guides for three European cities to see just what Lonely Planet has to offer iPhone users.

Urbanspoon for iPad

If you thought the iPhone version of this restaurant finder felt a little gimmicky, you really need to give the iPad version a try. Thanks to the device's larger screen, Urbanspoon really has room to spread its wings.

It's On My Way for iPhone

As a mapping alternative to Google Maps to help you plan a route, this app does a superb job of sorting out the most efficient or convenient route possible.

Kayak Flights for iPad

Simple to use, this flight finder app for the iPad shines.

Trip Journal and Noteworthy Places for iPhone

These two mobile travel apps use GPS to keep track of where you've been and what's great. Trip Journal is a handy app you'll enjoy having along for the ride, but Noteworthy Places has an unfortunate flaw that makes it less than notable.