Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Codosaurus for iPhone and iPad

If you need to edit Web pages remotely, this universal iOS utility can be a handy addition to your iPhone and iPad. You will have to put up with occasional connection problems and stability issues, however.

Promising Prospect: Clipboard Cleaner automatically strips formatting from the clipboard

Clipboard Cleaner is a simple utility that strips all formatting from the contents of the clipboard, either automatically or on command.

Screens for iPhone and iPad

If quick access to remote computers is a must, this touch-based VNC client will prove to be indispensable.

PopClip brings iOS-like text-editing options to Mac OS X

PopClip will appeal to both iOS fans and Mac traditionalists by making text-editing and -processing commands more accessible.

Piezo records other apps' audio easily

Piezo is an attractive and easy-to-use app for recording audio from other Mac programs.

Break Time reminds you to take five

Sitting in front of your computer all day can be wearing. BreakTime reminds you to take frequent breaks.

Gems for a Steal, Redux

A new Mac software bundle offers a number of Mac Gems favorites, as well as other titles, for a bargain of a price.

Dragon Express 1.0: An inexpensive way to discover speech recognition

Dragon Express provides a handy, easy-to-use way to dictate occasional texts and transfer them to your applications

Living Earth HD for iPhone and iPad

This iPhone and iPad utility brings time, date, and weather data to your iOS device, using an 3D model of the Earth.

NetSpot helps you optimize your Wi-Fi networks

NetSpot is a remarkable aid in laying out even a small-home Wi-Fi network, using a Mac laptop as your wireless-survey tool.

Gem Update: Printopia 2.1.5 offers major improvements to a Gems favorite

Ecamm Network took one of our favorite utilities, Printopia, and made it even better. Printopia still lets you print to any Mac-shared printer from your iOS devices, but it now lets you "print" to Mac applications and PDF Workflows, password-protect your virtual printers, and even print from other Macs.

Number Guru for iPhone

This iPhone app mimics the functionality of Web sites that look up phone numbers, but with a few advantages for iOS device owners.

App Guide: iOS people locators

Wondering where everybody is? These iOS apps can help you track down friends and family -- or let other people know your location.