Don't-Miss Utility Software Stories

bartender2 mac icon

Bartender 2 review: OS X utility cleans up the menu bar

A new release of a favorite utility reduces the clutter up top in OS X.

burner iphone icon

Burner review: Disposable phone numbers for maximum privacy

iPhone owners can maintain privacy by setting up limited-use alternate phone numbers for calls, texts, and picture messages.

stickybrain mac icon

StickyBrain review: Slick notes manager turns its back on mobile sync

StickyBrain returns after a 10-year absence in an attempt to make virtual Post-It notes on the Mac cool again.

vintage design ios icon

Vintage Design review: Make your own retro wallpaper on the cheap

An inexpensive app for making custom wallpapers on your iOS device.

unicorns mac icon

Unicorns review: Use your Mac to stream online what's happening on your iPhone

This free app can be a useful utility for app developers or for providing tech support.

gestimer mac icon

Gestimer review: Mac menu bar timer like you've never used before

While this timer doesn't have a lot of features, its unique interface makes it stand out.

forecast bar mac icon

Forecast Bar review: Put an iPhone weather app in your Mac's menu bar

Know if you should grab your umbrella when you head out for lunch, without looking at your phone.

tripmode icon

TripMode review: Tethered Mac? Your wallet will love this data monitoring app

An inexpensive utility blocks all network access for apps except those you mark when at Wi-Fi hotspots or using a Personal Hotspot.

paste mac icon

Paste review: Clipboard manager's stunning UI helps overcome its lack of features

Paste might be lacking in features, but its OS X integration is second to none.

Metadatics icon

Metadatics review: Forget iTunes, this is a better way to tag your music files

iTunes is too frustrating to use for tagging files. Metadatics has a better set of features and is easier to use.

cleanmymac3 icon

CleanMyMac 3 review: Make more room on your crowded hard drive

Is your Mac's storage device getting full? CleanMyMac can help reclaim gigabyte's worth of space.

thinkstockphotos cloud lock backup

Why I prefer CrashPlan for online backups

Joe Kissell has tried them all: MozyHome, Backblaze, Carbonite, and Dolly Drive. But he keeps coming back to CrashPlan, Java app and all.

controlair icon

ControlAir review: A touch-free future is here, as long as you have enough light

ControlAir uses the FaceTime HD camera to allow touch-free, gesture-based control over a handful of media player software using only your index finger

whatsize 580x388

WhatSize review: Easily shed files on a bloated hard drive

A utility analyzes a disk drive and lets you give unneeded files and duplicates the heave-ho.

paper clip spiral copy paste

Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac

If you've ever felt the pain of accidentally copying over something important on your clipboard, you need a clipboard manager. We round up the top options for this essential Mac utility, including launchers that serve double-duty.