Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

TidyTop 1.1

If you routinely clutter your Desktop with files and would like to make them temporarily disappear, here's a fine $1 solution.

Weblock 1.8.1

Weblock unlocks your ability to restrict access to files shared on Mac OS X's built-in Apache server. This allows you to put an authentication dialog on any directory being shared through your Web server or filter based on IP address.

DwellClick 2.0

DwellClick allows you to navigate your Mac with your mouse without clicking. It works surprisingly well.

Disk Falcon 1.1

Disk Falcon uses colorful charts and animations to show how files take up space on your hard drive.

Launcher 1.2

Nulana's Launcher provides quick and easy access to applications, folders, files, Web searches, system commands (like going into Screen Saver mode), and shell commands.

Orbicule Witness security utility

This security alarm utility, which works in conjunction with a free mobile app and website, has a lot of elegance to its approach, and requires little in the way of configuration or fuss. Witness provides an easy way to layer the potential of catching a thief in the act and recovering stolen property without requiring much in the way of management.

DTerm 1.5

If you frequently use Terminal, check out DTerm, a nifty utility that provides instant access to a Terminal-like shell interface from within whatever application you're currently using.

Window Commander 1.0

Window Commander is a slick and fast visual application switcher.

Flagit! 1.7

Flagit is a simple add-on to Apple Mail that performs the needed task of differentiating between types of flagged items. Flagit deploys a creative flagging method, aided by flexible and extensible flagging tools, that's both attractive and utilitarian.

App Guide: iPhone tracking apps

Led by Apple's Find My iPhone, these apps aim to help you pinpoint the location of your misplaced iOS device.

OpenMenu X 2.05

OpenMenu X is a menu-based launching solution. You can fill it with a hierarchy of things you want to launch, including applications, AppleScripts, documents, Services, and URLs.

Boom 1.1

If you're in a crowded or noisy environment and need to hear what's coming out of your Mac, Boom might be quite helpful. Boom is a software utility that boosts the audio volume from your Mac.

Grappler 1.0.3

Grappler is a nifty little Mac application that lets you download videos and music from YouTube and the Web easily and quickly.