Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

GTX's GPS tracking apps for iPhone

Neither of these apps for letting your family and friends know your location is flashy, but they get the job done reasonably well.

Best Alarm Clock for iPhone

Your iPhone or iPod touch may come with a Clock app, but it's a pretty bare-bones offering. Fortunately, upgrading to a better clock application isn't that expensive, and Best Alarm Clock more than lives up to its name.

DropCopy 1.6.8

If you want an easy way to transfer files across your local network, DropCopy makes it drag-and-drop simple.

Sleepytime 1.1.2

Sleepytime is a simple application that makes it easy to go to sleep to, or wake up to, iTunes music playback.

MacDropAny 1.4.2

MacDropAny is a simple utility that lets you use Dropbox to sync folders outside of your Dropbox folder.

TimePreserver 1.0

TimePreserver does just one thing: It creates a fully restorable copy of each Time Machine backup stored on a Time Capsule. But it performs that task well.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone and iPad

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of this mobile Web browser offer a workaround to Apple's lack of support for Flash on the iOS platform. The apps work as advertised -- some of the time -- but serious surfers may find Skyfire's limitations frustrating.

AT&T Mark the Spot for iPhone and iPad

If you're having issues with AT&T's network, keeping this app close at hand is a good idea. It's a handy way to let the wireless carrier know about problems with dropped calls, no coverage, and data connection issues.

Skitch 1.0.1

Four years in the making, Skitch 1.0 is a unique, easy to use, and well-connected screenshot- and photo-sharing app and Web service available for the Mac.

Desktop Curtain 2.1

If you frequently take screenshots, Desktop Curtain 2 is ideal for staging those shots. It’s also great for helping you focus on a single program when giving presentations or when trying to be productive.

Caffeine 1.1.1

Caffeine is a simple program that keeps your Mac from dozing off when you're not using the cursor or keyboard.

Parcel for iPhone and iPad

If you make a lot of shipments, this simply designed package tracker -- which includes support for 28 delivery services -- delivers the goods.

Find Any File 1.5.1

Find Any File brings the simple search interface of the "classic" Mac OS to OS X, and it lets you find files Spotlight doesn't.

Alfred 0.8

Alfred may not be as powerful as Launchbar, Butler, or Quicksilver. But it makes up for it with a clean interface, straightforward configuration, and effective results.

Lyrica 2.0

Lyrica automatically finds and adds the lyrics to tracks playing in iTunes.