Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Boom 1.1

If you're in a crowded or noisy environment and need to hear what's coming out of your Mac, Boom might be quite helpful. Boom is a software utility that boosts the audio volume from your Mac.

Grappler 1.0.3

Grappler is a nifty little Mac application that lets you download videos and music from YouTube and the Web easily and quickly.

Déjà Vu 3.7.5

Deja Vu is a simple, easy-to-configure System Preference pane that helps you backup up your data to any directly attached or network attached drive, including optical media.

Wraparound 1.3.2

Wraparound is a small software utility that allows your Mac's cursor to wraparound the edges of your display. For example, if your cursor reaches the right edge of your display and you keep going, it will reappear on the left side.

Cyberduck 4.0

These days, any number of FTP clients for the Mac make it as easy as interacting with the documents on your own computer. Among them, Cyberduck is an excellent option.

Remote Conductor for iPhone

Once just available for the iPad, this excellent app for turning your iOS device into a Magic Trackpad is now available as a separate iPhone/iPod touch app. It does everything Remote Conductor HD does, only on a smaller screen.

FastScripts 2.5

If you’re not a frequent user of scripts or workflows, FastScripts probably isn’t for you. But for those of us who count on AppleScript to increase our productivity, FastScripts is worth purchasing for its keyboard-shortcuts feature alone. But it also offers a number of other features that make scripts more efficient and easier to use.

ScreenFloat 1.1.1

ScreenFloat makes it easy to take screenshots that float on your screen until you're finished using them. It also stores all screenshots in a convenient library for later access.

Sapiens 1.2.1

If you’re more of a mouser than a keyboard jockey, Sapiens is an mouse-focused application launcher that offers an alternative to an overloaded Dock or unnecessary Applications-folder spelunking.

FileBrowser for iPad

This app for accessing files on your iPad is very useful, though it could be a more powerful utility if it was more iPad-like.

Fantastical 1.0

Fantastical is a nifty utility that handles most of the things you use your "big" calendar program to do, and its keyboard control and natural-language event-creation feature make it much easier and more convenient to quickly create new events.

Notificant 1.0.2

Notificant is a nifty combination of a Mac app, an iOS app, and a Web service that lets you set a reminder once and have it appear on all your devices. It's also a useful tool for quickly sending URLs and other bits of text between devices.

Palua 1.0

Palua is a simple utility that lets you toggle F-key functionality on the fly.