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Mac Gems of the Year: 2010

'Tis the season to recognize great products here at Macworld, and with the annual Eddy Awards and App Gems Awards out of the way, it's time to take a look at 2010's best affordable software: the Mac Gems of the Year.

Dropbox 1.0.10

Dropbox is an amazingly useful combination of a Web service and a Mac OS X program that work together to make your data accessible from anywhere and to keep it synchronized between your computers.

Hazel 2.3

OS X's Folder Actions are a nice idea, but not always so great in execution. Hazel takes the same concept, of automatically applying actions to items in folders, and makes it both simpler to set up and more powerful.

Promising Prospect: Tembo

Tembo aims to bring the simplicity and features of OS X 10.4's Spotlight search, and more, to Snow Leopard.


How to solve a problem like too much digital media and too little space on your portable devices? ZumoCast makes it easy to stream music, video, and pictures as well as access your remote documents, all for free.

MenuPop 1.01

MenuPop puts your menus directly under your cursor, no matter where the cursor might be.

Neu 1.0.1

Offering a flexible replacement for a couple past Mac Gems that are no longer with us, Neu lets you create a new document right in the current Finder window.

1Password 3

Agile Web Solutions’ 1Password 3 is one of the best password management tools available. Several robust and powerful features make it nearly indispensible.

Printopia 1.0.2

Printopia lets you print from any print-capable iOS app to any of your Mac's printers. Printopia also makes it easy to "print to PDF," saving the resulting files to your Mac or to your Dropbox folder.

NoMenuBar 1.1

If you've got so many menu-bar utilities that application menus crowd them out, NoMenuBar aims to help.

CopySwap 1.1

CopySwap lets you switch the Clipboard's contents with selected text, saving you steps when swapping copy.

Three iPad calculator apps

All three of the calculator apps we look at in this review do what they're supposed to do, though not necessary in the way that you'd like. More significantly, none seem to make good use out of the iPad's extensive screen real estate.

F.lux for Mac 5.0

F.lux automatically adjusts your Mac's display brightness and temperature at night to better match your room lighting. The result is less eye fatigue, and possibly even better sleep.

iPad alarm clock apps

The iPad's big beautiful screen gives developers a lot of space to experiment with the design and features of an alarm clock app. But which apps stand out from the crowd? Kyle Baxter takes a look at three clock apps to see which ones are worth your time.

Sequenzetto 1.0.1

Sequenzetto makes it easy to rename files so they sort in your preferred order.