Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Promising Prospect: HazeOver 1.1

HazeOver automatically fades everything but the active window, letting you better focus on the task at hand.

Capster 1.6.5

Capster, a Growl plug-in, notifies you of unintentional caps-lock presses.

CmdVees 1.0.6

CmdVees doesn't have nearly as many features as the more-advanced multiple-clipboard utilities out there, but for its more-focused goal of letting you store and quickly paste multiple recent snippets of text sequentially, it's in some ways more appealing.

Flow 2.0.2

A project management system targeted to creative pros gets an upgrade.

Arrange 1.3.2

Arrange combines some of the popular features of other window-management utilities in one convenient package.

Mercury Web Browser Pro for iPhone and iPad

From tabbed browsing to the ability to download files, this mobile browser offers features that improve upon what you get from the mobile version of Safari.

Divvy 1.2.3

For repositioning and resizing, Divvy is a clever and intuitive alternative to dragging title bars and tiny resize corners.

Moom 1.1

Moom is a nifty utility that repurposes OS X's little green "zoom" button to let you quickly resize and reposition windows. As long as its preset window arrangements are enough for you, Moom is mighty appealing.

Find My iPhone for iPhone and iPad

If you've misplaced your iOS device, Apple's Find My iPhone app can easily help you find it on a map, or remotely lock or wipe it.

Remote Conductor for iPad

This versatile app turns your iPad into a trackpad, while also allowing you to launch and switch between applications on your computer.

myAT&T for iPhone

Regardless of how you feel about being an AT&T customer, you should find the carrier's app for managing your wireless account quite useful.

TextWrangler 3.5.3

TextWrangler is an excellent text editor for anyone who needs to work with large amounts of text, text in large numbers of files, or both. It makes manipulating text a breeze, and its price just can’t be beat.

Time Out Free 1.5.7

TimeOut forces you to take regular computing breaks, making you snap out of your computer daze by gently fading your screen at regular intervals.