Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Mac Gems: Skip Tunes and iTunification enhance iTunes

Today's Mac Gems review covers two simple add-ons for iTunes. One is an update to a previous Gem, and the other is new for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8).

Mac Gems: Sticky Notifications posts reminders on your screen

Sticky Notifications lets you use Mountain Lion's Notification Center to post simple reminders for yourself.

Review: Dragon Dictate 3 sharpens speech recognition, learns transcription

The latest version of Nuance's speech recognition program for Mac features a new transcription feature that users have been waiting for.

Mac Gems: Automatic Launch Object Detection lets you track background processes

Automatic Launch Object Detection is a clever utility that notifies you whenever an application or installer installs a background process.

Bark sends Growl alerts to Notification Center

Several utilities can pipe alerts from Growl to Notification Center. None performs that task more capably than the free Bark plug-in.

MyCalendar Mobile for iPhone

This single-task app can help you remember the birthdays of Facebook friends and other contacts, but that comes with the price of shameless self-promotion.

Twist for iPhone

This free utility tracks your location and notifies the people waiting for you of your estimated arrival time. It's a great way to avoid sending redundant emails or texts and -- more importantly -- to avoid the temptation of texting or calling when you're driving.

DeepSleep hibernates your Mac to save power

If you use DeepSleep’s Hibernation mode instead of putting it to sleep, your Mac won’t use power or its battery at all, and your open applications and files will still be there when you wake it back up.

App Guide: iOS preparedness apps

These iOS apps can help you track changing weather conditions and formulate a plan in the event of a natural disaster.

Battery Status displays the battery levels of your Mac's connected hardware

Battery Status’s menu icon displays a graphical representation of the battery level of your Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse, or Wireless Keyboard.

Track your Mac's battery cycles with Sleep Monitor

Although several battery-tracking apps exist in the Mac App Store, few offer Sleep Monitor's visual graph, which is the most important feature of the app.

SideFolders allows fast access to frequently used files

Create your own lists so you can have any folder and document hierarchy you want in SideFolders's panel without changing the locations of the actual folders and documents.

Log Leech offers a clean interface for viewing system log files

Log Leech can group system log entries by application or process, something you can only do in your Mac's native Console by running searches.