Don't-Miss Video software Stories

Mac Gems: iFlicks tags and converts video files for iTunes with finesse

Apps that can both transcode video to different formats and tag files with useful metadata can be incredibly useful. And I've found none better than Jendrik Bertram's $20 iFlicks.

Review: ScreenFlow 4 a great but quirky video capture and edit tool

ScreenFlow remains a terrific (though occasionally quirky) video capture and editing application.

Mac Gems: GIF Brewery makes it easy to create animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a currency of online humor, but they can also be useful. GIF Brewery makes it easy to create your own animated GIFs from your videos.

Review: Amara is a Web-based service that lets anyone transcribe and translate online video

Once the domain of trained professionals, Amara tries to put the process of video transcription, subtitling and translation within reach of everyone.


Review: Amazon Instant Video for iOS marred by Wi-Fi-only streaming and no AirPlay

Amazon Instant Video is a great option for those who like streaming older content or watching video they've purchased via Unfortunately, it's restricted by Wi-Fi-only streaming, no AirPlay support, and no way to purchase content in-app.

Review: The Ted Talks app brings tons of video lectures to iOS

Ted Talks features lectures on topics ranging from feminism to biology, from education to poverty, and from creativity to so much more.

Review: WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that makes editing in your browser fun and simple

WeVideo is a simple and solid Flash-based video editor that runs in your browser. With Dropbox and Google Drive support, it makes it easy to pull raw footage in and export edited video out.


Review: PulpMotion 3.5 sports an easy UI for making slideshows

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a slideshow is a great way to put pictures together to create a story. Aquafadas's PulpMotion aims to make this process simple, quick, and elegant.

Review: Edit and post iPhone videos with Givit

Givit's video-editing capabilities make it easy to share somewhat polished video creations with friends and family.

Review: Use Vyclone to make video collaborations with people around you

Vyclone is a nice little collaborative video-making app for iPhone, but you have almost zero control over who you collaborate with, which makes it an interesting social experience.

Review: Use Threadlife to create a collage of iPhone video clips

Threadlife lets you create a collage of your life in three-second bursts of video to form an impressionistic thread of the events of your life.

Review: Use Streamweaver for iOS to make collaborative videos

Streamweaver is a nice way to add some collaborative style to moments you’re already sharing with friends.

Mac Gems: Beamer streams video from older Macs to Apple TV

Beamer lets you stream videos from almost any Mac to an Apple TV, even if your Mac doesn't support Mountain Lion's AirPlay mirroring feature, or if the video isn't supported by iTunes.