Don't-Miss Weather software Stories

dark sky schematic

Whatever the weather, Dark Sky 4.0 has you covered

After eight months without a major update, the Dark Sky Company's weather app is back and better than ever.

Review: is a fantastic service and a fantastic Web app is not only a great way to view your real-time and weekly weather forecast; it's one of the best Web app implementations I've ever seen.

Review: Horizon for iOS adds a weather forecast to your calendar

The Horizon calendar app for the iPhone offers a little something extra, and it’s a beauty: The weather.

Go green and save money with a programmable thermostat

We put three programmable thermostats to the test to find out which is the most powerful, flexible, likely to reduce your energy bill.


Review: Netatmo Weather Station and your iOS device let you monitor the weather

The Netatmo Weather Station is pricey, but it's a very slick device that lets you monitor your hyper-local weather conditions from your iOS devices. With modern design, good accuracy, and an easy-to-use iOS app, it makes it simple and fun to check the current weather, as well as to record and view weather data over time.

App Guide: iOS preparedness apps

These iOS apps can help you track changing weather conditions and formulate a plan in the event of a natural disaster.

Solar for iPhone

Most weather apps add more features to get you to ditch the built-in iOS offering. Solar takes the opposite approach with a minimalist, but eye-catching use of color.

App Guide: Unique iOS weather apps

Lots of apps can tell you the temperature and the forecast. But these iPhone and iPad offerings put their own unique spin on the weather.

WeatherMin elegantly displays the weather

WeatherMin provides an elegant display for keeping tabs on your local weather.

Weathermob for iPhone

Weathermob is a simple and unique weather app that makes talking about the weather fun again.

App Guide: Winter weather iOS apps

When snow is in the forecast, these apps can tell you whether to expect a winter wonderland or something far more severe.

Fahrenheit for iPhone and iPad

With at-a-glance temperatures and extensive data, this app improves slightly upon the built-in Weather app on the iPhone and iPod touch. For the iPad, it's a great low-cost, high-value addition if you're looking for a weather widget.

Weather+ for iPhone and iPad

Whether on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, this app, which provides time, temperature, humidity, and precipitation forecasts, is beautiful and well-designed.