Don't-Miss Weather software Stories

WunderMap for iPad

For detailed weather information delivered directly to your iPad, it's hard to beat this app from Weather Underground.

Weather HD and Weather Station Pro for iPad

Weather HD and Weather Station Pro have very similar aims: to turn your iPad into a simple virtual "weather station" that tells you the basics about current and future weather conditions in a visually elegant fashion. Each succeeds in its own style.

Hurricane tracking apps for iPhone and iPad

You can keep an eye on hurricanes from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with the help of an assortment of App Store offerings. But which app should you choose for your storm watch? Jeff Merron rates five contenders.

Seasonality Go for iPad

This customizable weather app for the iPad takes a modular, graphic approach that's pretty appealing, though, in practice, its interface can be confusing and the graphic data overwhelming.

Virtual Horse Racing 3D HD for iPad

This horse racing game tries to bring the giddy thrill of cashing in on a winning bet to your iPad. There are some nice details to the game, but ultimately, it finishes out of of the money.

My-Cast Weather and My-Cast OneLook for iPhone

Both of Digital Cyclone's weather apps look good, but you'll want to pay up for the $4 version, which offers more compelling features than the $1 My-Cast OneLook.

iPad Weather apps

The iPad may not come with a built-in weather app, but plenty of third-party developers have stepped up with their own offerings. In our look at a group of weather apps, WeatherBug Elite stood out from the crowd.

iHome iA5

The iHome iA5 alarm clock might be just another iPod-dockable speaker unit, were it not for integration with a free companion iPhone app.