Don't-Miss Web & communication software Stories

Rdio for iPhone

If you've signed up for the $10-a-month Unlimited package with the Rdio online music service, this free mobile app is a worthwhile companion, despite some minor issues with search results and limits on your ability to create playlists.

First look: Rdio music subscription service

Our first look at a subscription music service that emphasizes social networking for discovering new music.

Viewfinder 1.0.6

Provides speedy Flickr search results.

Modern Conflict for iPhone

While the war-themed components of Modern Conflict (tanks, music, the "mission" given out before each level) play some role in the game, ultimately, the aim is simple: to acquire control of all the enemy bases.

Leech 2.0.4

Your browser's built-in download tool is ok, but you, the demanding Internet surfer, deserve better. Leech plugs into a number of Mac browsers and gives you some great tools for organizing your downloads.

LastPass 1.68.4

LastPass syncs browser passwords across platforms.

Multitasking Browser for iPad

This app, which lets you track a Twitter feed, update your Facebook status, or keep tabs on the weather all while browsing other Web sites on an iPad, works reasonably well. But in its present iteration, Multitasking Browser doesn't offer the kind of upside necessary to tempt you away from Safari.

Localghost 1.0

This free program simplifies host file editing.

AddressBookSync 1.4

AddressBookSync uses a clean interface and simple procedures to help coordinate the people in your Mac OS X Address Book with your Facebook friends.

WhoPaste grabs contact data from anywhere

WhoPaste makes it simple to grab contact data from any source and automatically create a new contact record.


Sezmi's broadcast and Web TV service, now available in 11 U.S. cities, shows promise as an inexpensive alternative to cable or satellite, but some rough edges still need smoothing.

The best Gems of far

Despite all the iPhone excitement this week, your Mac is still chugging away. Take a look at our favorite Gems from the first half of 2010 and reward your "real" computer with some quality software.

Apple Safari 5

Tough competition has only made Safari 5 even better. It's still the fastest, sleekest, all-around best Web browser in the business.